~ Barry's POV ~ 

I ran straight to S.T.A.R. Labs, with Kathleen on my back. By the tone on Caitlin's voice, something must have happened. As we entered the room, I dropped Kathleen carefully on the floor, when I saw Danton Black standing there. I stood in front of him but Caitlin stopped me. "Barry, it's okay." she was to continue but I cut her off. "It's not okay, Black's right there-" but I stopped myself. "And he's just standing there... That's not him, is it?" I asked them, letting a confused Kathleen behind me.

"Why is she here?" Cisco asked with a frown. "I told her everything. She knows, everything." I said with a shrug. "What?Why?" Caitlin asked in a angry tone. "I can't lie to her! She's a human lie detector, so I told her the truth." I said with hands in the air.

"Ok, let's stop talking about me for now. If this..." Kathleen said touching the copy of Black and continuing. "Is not the guy... How did you guys made this?" she asked with curiosity. Caitlin sighed, and answered. "I grew him." she said, making me and Kathleen confused and shocked at the same time. "I isolated a sample of Black's blood from your suit to see if I could trigger the invitro cultivation process and see how Danton multiplies. So, I exposed the target cells to a protein cell, and they began replicating... into that." she explained.

"Why isn't he- it doing anything?" I asked, looking at Caitlin. "Involuntary motion functions are active, but little else." Dr. Wells spoke this time. "We think it's acting like a receiver." Cisco added. "So, the clones of this Danton Black?" Kathleen said a bit worried if she said the name wrong but I nodded, letting her continue "Are, like an shell without him? If you shut the main, Danton, can shut the clones down?" Kathleen said, making Caitlin's chin drop. "What? I'm not some stupid blonde girl." she said crossing her arms against her chest, leaving everyone with shocking faces.

I didn't get shocked. I know that Kathleen is and always been inteligent. She may look like a dumb blonde that hooks up with a lot of guys, but in the inside she's a nerd and sweet girl that only wants to be loved. 

Barry! Snap out of it! She only likes you as a friend, nothing more than that.

How can you be so certain? 

Am I really fighting with myself?

Yes, assbutt. 

Well, me fighting with myself only leads to one thing: I think I'm in love with Kathleen. And each day gets stronger and I have no idea how I can show her.

To end the awkward silence, I looked at them and asked "But how I'll now which one is the real Danton Black?", "That occurred to me when you kept fainting. Black has limits, so are you. Controlling all of those clones must require a tremendous amount of physical strength. So, find the one that shows signs of weakness or fatigue. He's the prime." she said proudly.

"Just a theory, but one you way want test out, Barry." Dr. Wells said looking at me. "And I whipped up some high-calorie protein bars to help to keep your metabolism up." Cisco spoke, throwing me one of the protein bars.

Suddenly, the clone started moving, and it was towards me and Kathleen. I stayed in front of her, when everyone heard two gunshots, leaving the clone on the floor. I turned around to see Joe with the gun still pointing at the clone. "Any more of them?" Joe asked, and Kathleen nodded negatively.

I was now turning to look Kate, to see if she was okay, and she smiled mouthing I'm fine. "Why did it start moving?" I asked. "The guy must be on the move.... He was summoned to a battle." Kathleen said. "And I know where to. Stagg Industries." Joe said looking at me. "You should call it in." I retorted but then he continued "Police can't fight this. What Black has become, like Mardon... Beyond me. Maybe beyond them too. The only person not beyond is you. So, for once in your life, do what I tell you to do. Go stop him." he said to me.

I nodded and when I was about to go change, Kathleen put me close to her and whispered in my ear: "Come back alive Allen." I smiled at her and I was on my way to Stagg Industries.

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