Serial Lover, Need to Recover

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Symphony Willdro.

I dreamt of eyes 7 nights in a row. They were startled and confused. It was dark and then I saw the eyes but it was always extremely brief and blurry so I couldn't make a distinction. I couldn't see any other facial part. No nose, hair, lips, eyebrows. Not even ears. I didn't know who the eyes belonged to but I saw them for 7 nights. After the second time noticing the occurrence, it became mysterious but after the third night, I felt compelled to document how often I was having the dream and what I was seeing.

Sitting at my desk I tapped my ball point pen repeatedly, replaying the dream in my head over and over. I had spent the last twenty minutes in a complete daze trying to figure out why the dream kept occurring and what the hell it was all about. What did it mean?


Z: Audio Message

I pressed play.

"7 nights in a row, you said? That shit kinda strange, no cap. I'm superstitious so if you ask me, it could definitely mean something."

"Right?! I said the same thing. It's almost starting to stress me out. Almost."

Z: "Maybe it's a sign. You probably need to open your EYES and realIZE the real LIES."

"I'm about to block your ass. Keep it up, knucklehead." We laughed in unison.

Z: "Nah but for real, do me a favor and swing by the crib after you leave work."

"Cant. I have a lot of stuff to take care of today, I'm sorry 🙁"

Z: "Come through later then, problem solved."

I didn't respond for a whole ten minutes. I didn't know what to say to that. Today I promised my husband that we'd spend some quality time together since he'd been mentioning that it seemed like we never saw one another these days. I knew what he meant because I agreed. When he was coming in, I was always heading out, seemed like. The only times we were with each other entirely was at night when it was time for bed. And we didn't do much talking because we were too busy sleeping.

Z: "Z questioned a message"

"I'm sorry, I can't. Spending time with Hub."

Z: "It's cool. Hit me when you get some free time."

I liked the message and locked my phone, my mind going right back to the dream instantly. It's just something about it that has me so puzzled.

Leaving work seemed like a real blur. I just remember walking to my car and getting in. It's like I blinked and I was at my house. I don't even remember driving. That's how in a daze I felt. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, my phone started ringing.


"Hey babe. I got some bad news. Don't hate me, okay?"

"What? What's wrong?" I furrowed my brows and got closer to the screen.

"It looks like ima be caught up at work for a few more hours. We swamped over here and I can't leave all these new hires unattended during a rush. It's the holidays. You know how that be."

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