chapter 10: Molasses and puns

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The bar or Grillby's as Sans said felt very warm and cozy, it had an almost homey atmosphere with everyone saying hello and greeting Sans and we walked up to the counter to be greeted by a walking flame. He wore black dress pants, a white button up shirt with a black vest on top, a black tie and some sharp rectangular glasses that framed his face quite nicely. "Heya Grillbz, I'll have the usual." Sans turned to you and Frisk as you both wanted fries. "With two orders of fries for the girls." Sans turned his attention to the blonde kitty around his neck in a questioning manner before speaking again. "And a saucer of milk for the pretty kitty." Grillby nodded before heading to the back to get the orders ready.
"So, what do you think... of my Brother? He is pretty cool huh." Frisk nodded with two thumbs up.
"Yeah he is really cool and such a sweetheart too."
"Of course he's cool, you'd be cool too if you wore that outfit every day. He'd only take that thing off if he absolutely had to. Oh well… at least he washes it. And by that I mean he wears it in the shower." You and Frisk both give a slight disgusted look before noticing Grillby coming back with two orders of fries, a saucer of milk and a carton of molasses. "Here comes the grub. Want some Molasses?"
"Ummm…. No thanks. I'm good, you want any Frisk?" Frisk shakes her head profusely while chowing down on her fries.
"More for me." You watch as Sans tips the carton to his mouth and drinks the whole thing of molasses. Your mouth opens in shock at the scene in front of you before shaking your head and eating your own fries as Kendra jumps on the counter lapping up her milk. 
"Anyway, cool or not, you have to agree Papyrus tries real hard. Like how he keeps trying to be part of the royal guard. One day, he went to the house of the head of the royal guard... and begged her to let him be in it. Of course, she shut the door on him because it was midnight. But the next day, she woke up and saw him still waiting there. Seeing his dedication, she decided to give him warrior training. It's, uh, still a work in progress."
"I know Pappy will be able to do it! We believe in him right Frisk?" Frisk nods her head and gives two thumbs up.
"Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you something. Have you ever heard of a talking flower?" You and Frisk both nod a yes as you both finish off your fries.
"So you know all about it. The echo flower. They're all over the marsh. Say something to them, and they'll repeat it over and over…" You give Sans a look of confusion but allow him to continue. "What about it? Well, Papyrus told me something interesting the other day. Sometimes, when no one else is around... a flower appears and whispers things to him. Flattery... advice... encouragement... ...predictions. Weird, huh? Someone must be using an echo flower to play a trick on him. Keep an eye out, ok?" You and Frisk nod.
"We will keep an eye Sans."
"Thanks kiddos."
"Hey Sans, that flower you are talking about sounds like this asshole golden flower named Flowey. That we met back in the ruins and tried to kill us." Kendra coughs on her milk as the air around goes cold for a moment or two before lighting back up instantly.
"Oh, by the way... I'm flat broke. Can you foot the bill? It's just 10000G." You and Frisk both give Sans the neutral face of displeasure as he chuckles. "Welp the is no mistaking that you two ain't sisters. I'm just kidding by the way, oh Grillbz can I get another round for myself and for this beautiful angel." Sans strokes Kendra's soft fur making her purr and rub against him.
"May I get some juice for my sister and a (F/D) please and thank you Mr. Grillby sir." You lay 30G on the counter for Grillby and he shakes his head giving it back to you before going to grab the drinks.
"Sans, you seem like you are still bone tired from earlier. At least if you take another cat nap Kendra will guarantee that you wouldn't be bonely." You smirk and Frisk lets out a small giggle as Kendra gives you both a displeased look while her tail swishes hitting Sans in the collarbone.
"Ya got to be kitten me kiddo, she may be purrfect but tibia honest I could never be bonely." You watch as Sans downs another carton of molasses halfway before you clear your throat catching his attention.
"Sans, I gotta know how do you eat and drink if you are a skeleton?" The grin on Sans' face grew as he leaned in closer to your ear and whispered.
"Magic." Sans pulled away with a shit-eating grin and did jazz hands.
"Really Sans?" He nodded and finished his molasses as you and Frisk finished off your own drinks. You all got up from the counter as Sans chuckles.
"Kiddo, looks like you'll just be in time for your date with Paps. Oh Grillby, put it on my tab." Sans takes everyone home using another shortcut right before Papyrus walks through the front door.

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