Chapter 33: Clove

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Cato and I decide to leave to let Katniss and Peeta talk. We walk to the training room and I run away to the knives. There are 3 less knives now and I just smirk. I take the five left and get ready to throw at the simple black targets. I throw all of them in a fancy assortment of ways and they all hit dead center. 

"You haven't lost your touch" Cato says jokingly. I smile, hopefully not blushing, but seeing the way he's looking at me I probably am. "Wanna watch me do what I do?" he says childishly. I nod and he leads me to the swords wall display. Hopefully these swords were actually meant to be used. I smile as Cato starts to swing and slash at targets until he's satisfied with the damage he's caused. I smile up at him as he sighs and pants.

"I kind of want to see Cashmere" I say as we walk to my room he nods and follows me to her room "By myself" I say looking down "You know she's fragile right now and she can't stand boys" I say smirking at him. He huffs and walks into my room. I smile at myself and knock on Cashmere's door.

"Who is it?" I hear her ask weakly. She's most likely been crying and I haven't seen her eat in a long time. I open her door and she smiles trying to hide her emotions, not very well.

"You okay?" I ask carefully, trying not to sound rude. She nods but I can tell she's not. "You want to talk?" I ask concerned. She nods but doesn't actually talk.

"I can't even describe the emotions and pain I'm in" she says almost crying. "I just miss Glimmer and Gloss. I can't stand the guilt I'm feeling" I hold her tightly and she starts to bawl.

"I know we've both been through a lot" I start calmly "But I also know that we will get through this" I say confidently. She shakes her head and smiles, a real smile for once.

"I need to go shower and brush my hair" she says, stronger than she has been. I smile and walk out to leave her be. I open my door to Cato laying with Dagger at his side. I smile and he turns to greet me. He pulls me down next to him by my waist and I squeal, slightly nervously. I calm myself quickly and smile up to him. I give him a long hard kiss and he smiles.

"I love you, Cato Hadley" I say sweetly and peck his soft lips. He smiles between kisses and pulls me closer. "Can't wait to be married" I say with a wink. He looks at me doubtfully and I smile. 

"Are you ready for this wedding?" he asks smiling "We can get some ideas for ours" I nod and snuggle into his chest and we sigh in unison. I laugh at us and he just smiles. Dagger wags her tail excitedly when she hears me laugh and it makes me laugh even more.

"We should get to the Dining Hall" I say sitting up on Cato's chest "We need to get there early to get ready" he nods but pulls me down. I feel his hands run through my hair and he sighs . I smile and force his hand off of my waist so I can get up. He groans loudly and I just look at him with mock pity.

"Oh come on!" I say playfully. He finally gets up and I wash my face quickly. I slip on my boots and smile. My mom managed to get my boots to 13, since I left them after the Reaping. I smile as the supple leather immediately protects my feet from the cold stone floor. 

"You ready?" I ask happily he nods and I lead him to the Dining Hall. Everyone seems to have gathered including some stylists. My heart drops because I actually forgot about Steph and Sabille. I never really knew Criy so he doesn't matter as much but I still miss them all.

"Clove you go with Phox to get dressed and Cato you go with Skene to get dressed" Cressida says obviously busy. I look at her nervously, I can't get dressed in front of a man. I frown up to Cato and he looks at Cressida slightly angrily.

"Can she just stick with me?" he asks, well demands. Cressida looks at me and I look away nervously. She nods and walks away from us. I follow Cato and we meet the man that's supposed to be Skene. He seems nice but I don't know if he's trustable.

"Okay both of you get dressed and I'll make some last minute adjustments. I nod and Cato and I slip off out standard clothes. He helps slips on my dress and I feel his warm hands on my bare hips. I shutter quickly and regain my composure.

Cato whistles playfully and I blush bright red. He laughs and slips on his gold shirt. He covers it up with a simple black suit. He puts on his pants and I barely noticed he was pants-less. I smile at him and twirl in my dress, so happy it's got a mutt. He smiles and I shush him with my finger over his lips. I slip on my shoes and smile and their fancy-ness. He laughs at me and kisses my forehead.

"Are you guys ready?" Skene says through the door and Cato slips on his shiny black shoes. Skene comes in and smile proudly. Why is he so proud? He didn't even make the outfits.

"Here Clove let me fix that" he says looking at my dress critically. I nod nervously and walk to him. He stuffs a little little of fabric on the side of my dress. I flinch slightly as he runs his finger down the seam at the side. Cato steps closer to me and glares at Skene. I smile at him and he takes out a needle.

"What are you doing?" I ask scared. He starts to sew the fabric to my dress and I sigh mentally. He pricks me on the waist and I squeal quietly. Cato hears me and lunges at him. He tackles him to the ground. I try to pull Cato off of him but he's a lot stronger than me. He finally release the man and I see his face is red and his eyes drawn back into his head.

"Cato, look at me" I say holding his angry face so he has to look at me "I'm okay, look" he breathes in heavily "No one needed to get hurt, I just got scared" he looks away disappointed and I hug him tightly.

"I thought he hurt you" he says sadly "No one will get away with hurting you ever again" he adds and I can't help but admiring his protectiveness. The man slowly wakes up and Cato looks down at him with his evil glare.

"Do you remember anything?" I ask awkwardly as I help him sit up. He shakes his head and I can see through his facial features he isn't lying. "You fell and we tried to wake you up" I lie smoothly, He nods and we walk out, not even bothering to finish my tweaks. I rip the thread quickly and toss it away as we walk to Katniss and Gale. I smile and hug Katniss quickly and shake Gales's hand awkwardly.

"Where's Prim?" I ask concerned "You never go anywhere without her, at all" I add for effect. She smiles and points over to where Prim is with a couple of other young boys. "You better be careful. She might leave you for that little boy" I say jokingly and we share a laugh.

"You guys get ready, we have camera-men everywhere and smiles on all the time" Effie says, she looks so bland without her Capitol costumes. I smile and we all split for the wedding. 

The wedding "reception" is beautiful. Autumn leaves line the walls, floors and tables. I smile and adore the decor. I smile as Finnick and Annie say their vows and kiss. They look so happy and I know mine and Cato's wedding will be just as amazing, or more. I smile up at Cato, who for once isn't that tall compared to me in my heels. I smile and kiss him quickly before returning to the celebration. People throw flowers and leaves at the couple as they run away to sit at the main table. Cato and I sit at the table closest to them with Katniss, Prim and Cashmere.

"When did you get here?" I ask, hugging Cashmere tightly. She smiles weakly and just looks around for a little while,

"I knew I couldn't miss this. Finnick and I used to "work" similar hours" she says bitterly. I nod and don't go further. Then Johanna walks over to us and sits next to Katniss. Her hair is growing back in choppy waves of light brown hair. I smile at her bitterly and she returns it so sweetly.

"Hey mutt" she whispers angrily. I look at her annoyed, because I actually don't know why she chose to hate me. I just smile innocently and turn to face Cato.

We start to dance as a fiddler and a children's choir play and sing in the background. I dance with Cato and rest my head on his chest. He sighs and rests his hands on my waist. I kiss him softly and he smiles in the kiss. The dance start to get faster and I look down embarrassed.

"I don't know how to dance. I'll just watch from the side" I say walking off to the edge of the "dance floor". He smiles and walks over casually to dance with an older woman who seems lonely. I smile at how nice he is and he catches it. He blows a kiss to me and I blush.

"We have a special surprise" Coin says as a camera points to her "Made by our very own Peeta Mellark" she says proudly. Three men wheel in a large sea foam cake with beautiful sea animals and lovely frosted waves. We all clap in unison and they pull out some white sticks and a lighter. I start to freak out and stumble into some one. I stumble into Katniss and turn to run away.

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