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My first day of college, and I seriously feel like I'm going to puke. I have a lot of anxiety with new situations like this, and I worry too much about what could go wrong.
"Guys help!" I groan, walking out into the living room. "Sweater or no sweater?"
"The sweater makes it less slutty." Tom comments and Haz slaps him hard.
"You look great either way. Everyone's just wearing sweats most days don't worry about it too much." He says.
"Okay.." I sigh.
"You're going to do great. Just talk to a lot of people and avoid fuckboys." He says.
"Avoid fuckboys? Who else am I suppose to lead on?" I jokingly ask.
"Jesus Christ." Haz mutters in annoyance.
"She knows what's up." Tom nods.
"Stay away from the fuckboys I don't want to get in fist fights." Haz says.
"I'll do it!" Tom offers and I laugh.
"Don't worry. No fuckboys." I say.
I go over the things in my bag four times, making sure to have every little thing I'll possibly need and grab my phone. Haz grabs his keys and Tom follows behind us to the car.
"Shotgun!" I call, running to the car and jumping in the front.
"Sorry sweetheart that's not gonna happen." Tom says as he opens the passengers side door, literally grabbing me and pulling me out of the seat.
"You dickhead!" I groan, trying to fight out of his grasp but he has me held tightly, opening the back door and forcing me in. I can't stand that he works out and is ridiculously strong.
"That's not fair!" I groan.
"Workout in the gym five days a week and we will retry that." He says, getting in the front.
"You guys annoy me." Haz comments.
We drive to the campus, which seems so much bigger now than it did when I visited. Haz parks the car and I get out, grabbing my stuff. I'm already lost and have no clue where I need to go.
"We need to rush to class, you good?" Haz asks.
"Yeah.. I'll be fine." I nod.
"Okay, good luck!" He smiles, and him and Tom head off.
Luckily my first class doesn't start for twenty minuets, so I have time to find it. I walk up a small hill towards the humanities building, and walk through the first door. The hallway isn't packed, but there's enough people to make me feel a little uneasy about looking like I have no clue where I'm going.
"English class.. where are you." I mumble to myself as I look at each door I pass.
I find it, and walk inside to see a lot of people are already here and ready to go. I make my way to the very back, taking a seat in front of some guy so I don't have to sit next to anyone. I open my folder, grabbing the printed syllabus out so I have it on hand.
"Scuse' me.. hey." The guy behind me says, catching my attention.
I turn to look at him. He's got very light blonde hair and Forrest green eyes. His smile shines at me as I say hello.
"You have the wrong class." He says. "This is English 820 not 560"
"Oh shit.. okay." I groan. "Thank you for telling me that could have been really embarrassing."
"No worries. Need help finding your class?" He asks.
"If you have the time?" I question.
"Yeah definitely." He nods, grabbing his bag.
I pack my stuff up once more, walking out of the room with him.
"Alright English 560 is right down here." He says, leading me down the hallway. "I'm Sutton by the way."
"I'm Savannah." I introduce myself.
"Nice to meet you Savannah, you new here?" He asks.
"Yeah, first day." I nod as we reach a door, coming to a stop.
"Well, here you are." He says.
"Thank you, I seriously would have sat through that entire class not knowing." I laugh.
"Of course." He says. "Hey listen my frat is throwing a party tonight, kind of a tradition to throw a rager the first day of classes. You should come."
"That sounds fun! I'd love to." I say.
"Cool, here put your number in and I'll text you the details." He says, pulling out his phone and handing it to me.
I type in my number and my name, handing it back to him. He reads it over, his eyes widening slightly.
"Osterfield? Any relation to Harrison Osterfield?" He asks.
"Yeah, he's my older brother." I nod. "Do you know him?"
"Yeah got a few classes together." He shrugs.
"Oh cool.. well I should get to class now." I say.
"Oh of course. See you tonight." He smiles, and walks off to head back to his class.
My day of classes went better than I had expected. It was a rough start not being able to figure out where I was suppose to go, but the actual classes weren't unbearable. Just really really long.
I text Haz to see where he is.
Savannah: ready to go! Wya?
Haz: Tom and I just left the library, meet at the car?
Savannah: headed there now.
I walk down the hill towards the parking lot, seeing the boys standing by the car. My phone dings, and it's from Sutton telling me the address for the party tonight.
Savannah: cool I'll be there.
"So? How'd the first day go?" Haz asks as I reach the car.
"Really well, actually." I smile.
"Good! Should we go for drinks or something to celebrate?" He asks.
"I would but I have a party to get ready for." I say.
"A party? Who in the hell invited you to a party on your first day?" Tom asks, suddenly interested in the conversation as we get in the car and drive off.
"This really nice guy I met today, his name is Sutton." I say.
Toms face falls into an angry grimace, and Haz gets a more worried expression on his face.
"What?" I ask. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing." Haz shakes his head.
"Sutton is an ass. Stay away from him." Tom says and I laugh.
"More of an ass than you are?" I question.
"This isn't a joke Savannah stay away from that guy."
I roll my eyes and we pull up to the house. I get out and my phone dings.
Sutton: can't wait😊
Tom pulls my phone from my hands, reading the text.
"Thomas!" I groan. "Give me my phone!"
"This div is texting your little sister and you're okay with this?" Tom asks, giving my phone back.
"Not my business." Haz shrugs, and we all go inside.

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