Chapter 5: His Firefly

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Holy crap-olas! This is freaking insane! The response I've been getting is unbelievable! I'm number 3 under vampire!! Hahahaha! So giddy right now ;P So as a thank you here's the last pre-written chapter. I'm currently working on ch 6.

Chapter 5:


He saw hesitation in her eyes at the mention of his long time friend. It hurt him to know she was so distrustful of his judgment. He also realizes though it's a lot to ask for, especially in the beginning. Before he could sooth her worries his long time brother was at his side. They were opposites in the looks department in almost every way. Darcy had pale blonde almost white hair and had dark nearly black eyes. His skin was always ashen pale no matter how much blood he consumed. The only way to tell he's fed recently was by the slight color to his cheeks.

"Oh it's so good to see you in the flesh brother. It's been too long." Darcy came up and hugged Vincent to him feeling their old long time friendship rekindle. "Indeed it has. Darcy, I'd like you to meet My Beloved, Wendy Garret, the one who gave me life once more." Vincent gestured to Wendy proudly with a beaming smile that nearly blinded her into a daze. Darcy stalked slowly to her and lifted up her hand to kiss her knuckles all the while maintaining eye contact. "I thank you for freeing my brother." He murmured lowly. Vincent could smell the apprehension and fear roll off of her from being so close to his friend and made a motion to clear his throat. Darcy chuckled to himself and stood straight again.

"A skittish one isn't she?" He inquired and turned back to Vincent. Vincent felt the need to protect his love from such a statement and brought her to his side. He was relieved to only detect a small amount a fear. A huge margin less than before. She felt safer with him and that comforted his soul. "Wouldn't you be if you were in her shoes?" He said with a lazy grin and a quirked eyebrow. Darcy was going to retort when a police cruiser flew past them and parked at the hospital. Darcy let out a low whistle. "Incredible! You're out not even a week and you create this mess! And here I thought you to be the wiser and older one." Vincent growled lowly to him but it had a playful tinge to it. He turned his gaze downward to see his Wendy fiddling with her fingers in apprehension and anxiety. He would give her more breathing room so to speak if his possessive and selfish streak would let him.

"You stay right here love. We'll be back within a few moments." She nodded hesitantly and then without warning they were off. Vincent looked to his friend of centuries for guidance in this new world. They stopped once they were in the underground parking and away from any security cameras. "This will take a little longer than normal Vince. With all the technology I will need to call in reinforcements to delete any files pertaining to this incident. I will let you sift through my mind later to know what I am talking about but for now just trust my judgment." Darcy said with a grave look. He nodded and watched as his friend made a quick call to whoever he needed to help fix this mess. It was all new to Vincent. Back in his days it only took mere seconds to erase any problems of a breech in their secret. Now he realizes although the leaps and bounds of this new world are amazing they can prove to be troublesome.

"Alright I have Ericson hacking into their security files and erasing any reports they have already made and or are going to make. We're safe there, now we need your brain capabilities to secure the others here." Vincent decided to be patient in asking what 'hacking' meant and in asking what were files. He'll get his answer in due time. He nodded, signaling he was ready. They both flitted inside while Vincent swept through the minds of the staff to see how far this little laps in poor judgment went. It wasn't until they hit the second floor where there were questions to what was going on. He could feel the staffs questions linger in their minds, preventing them from doing as good as a job if they weren't distracted.

"It's been a while since I've done this brother..." Vincent quietly whispered to Darcy on his right. They were hidden from eyes behind a service cart that stood tall with various items like towels and sheets. Darcy placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder for support. "Let's shake that rust off of your old bones then huh?" Darcy spoke with a smirk at the little jab. Vincent grinned mischievously and focused on the staff on their floor. Closing his eyes he opened his mind and mentally connected with all of them. He could feel the strings of the subconscious tying to his. He then yanked at them and sifted through their memory of seeing the police storming through. He erased everything that happened within the last twenty minutes and let their minds go.

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