Chapter 6

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Selina woke up to the sunlight peering through her bedroom window. She groggily stared at it, as if it had insulted her in every way possible. She turned over to get away from it. 

"Mmph, fallible curtains, no good..." She muttered. "Oh," she suddenly remembered, raising her head from the pillow. "We're selling crops down at the market, today." She plopped her back down and sighed. "No, no! I don't want to...not today." She spoke into her pillow. "Not today, not ever!" Selina fell back asleep, until thirty minutes later. The day was calling for her to rise and get ready, that, or her Aunt would threaten to take a switch to her.

She pulled out a humble cotton dress of beige, slipping it on. She looked into her long mirror, pulling her hair back into a bun. Studying her appearance, she could see what Marian said was true. There really was a beauty in her simplicity. Not overly done, just naturally pretty, except...She frowned at the tight bun on her head. She pulled the pins out, opting for a braid, instead. It trailed down the back of her head, bringing out her youth. She looked positively radiant as she smiled into her reflection, and pulled down a few wispy hairs to grace the sides of her head. She approved, clicking her heels as she turned quickly towards the door, practically skipping with each step.

"Why, you look pretty, today," Myra spoke from the table. "And very youthful."

Selina tried to act as modest as possible about her praise, as if she didn't know already. 

"Why, thank you, Myra. Truly, I feel ten pounds lighter today."

"You do look rejuvenated. I trust you had a good nights sleep?" Marian spoke from the kitchen entrance.

"Very, Auntie. I'm ready to sell crops."

Marian tried to hide how proud she felt in that moment. She had not expected that reply.

"Yes...well after you've had some breakfast. It's sure to be a long day."

Lois sat eating her porridge, and her eyes gleamed. This was a much better encounter than they had at dinner the night, before.

Aldo was still waking up, eating and staring blankly ahead.

"Good job, Aldo." Lois spoke feebly.

"What's that? I did something?" He asked, quite sleepy and confused.

Lois smiled down at her porridge, and continued eating. 

There was a lot of hustling around the town square that morning. So many tents and stands set up at the local marketplace. People were selling an array of goods. There were crops, canned jars with pickled vegetables, jams and jellies. There were bread loaves being sold, as well as tonics, elixirs, and even spirits for the low at heart. Down on the far end was the smelly corner, the meat market. truly, only nobles and aristocrats could afford such fine delicacies at this time, but they would never handle the raw meat, themselves. Only a few nobles would come out to the market. Most of the time, they would send their servants to gather goods.

The grain that Marian's farm allotted was truly where their profits came from. Occasionally, they would treat themselves with some baked goods with the precious flour. Over yonder someone sold coveted sugar, and they always seemed to profit, as sugar seemed to always prove profitable. However, in this time of crisis, not many people could afford to supplement their sweet tooth. Over still, a tent sold bottles of oils and wine. Selina wished she could get her hands on just one bottle of oil. Since the Queen had passed, many had not been fed well. Sadly, the King let her efforts with the common folk dwindle, leaving many in a sad state of poverty. Selina had to listen to Marian gripe about it for months. Not Myra, always so sweet about everything. Lois, she had obviously retired from arguing. She had seen many things over her lifetime, so nothing surprised her anymore. Aldo, he only was loudest when he would tell Marian to "pipe down and shut her yapping."

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