Chapter #5

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Two days later

Y/n P.O.V

I woke up to my brother shaking me awake. "Get ready. The practice match is today!" He said with a blinding smile.

I close my eyes slightly, looking through my long eyelashes. "Nii-chan. You know I don't like mornings..."
Nii-chan scratched the back of his neck, "sorry... I forgot. I was just too excited!" He smiled a less blinding smile.

"Nii-chan. You know I love you, but I love my sleep more, so goodnight!" I said, rushing the last part.

"Y/nnnnnn" Nii-chan whined. I heard some shuffling, then footsteps leaving the room.

What is Nii-chan doing?

Then I smelled the most delicious sent


I ran out of bed, slid down the stairs, and sprinted into the kitchen.
"15 seconds. A new record!" Nii-chan said as he handed over the Watermelon.

I took a seat and eat the fruit silently as Nii-chan eat the French toast mom made before she left for work.

We finished our breakfast then I went get my phone off the charger in my room.
While I was in my room. I changed into...

{Without the shoes

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{Without the shoes. She puts them on at the door}

I walk out of my room to see that Nii-chan was already done changing.
"Did you pack everything?"
"Yes I did Y/n"
"Do I need to pack you a bento?"
"Kiyoko will make us food"
"How about a med kit?"
"They have a nurses office at the place we're staying at"
"Already in the bag"
"Knee pads?"
"In the bag"
"Ok then. How about your phone?"
"Shit..." Nii-chan ran too his room to get his phone.

In 30 seconds, we were ready to go.
We put our shoes on and left. Locking the door behind us.
Nii-chan and I talked all the way there. Laughing and smiling.

We got to Karasuno to see that almost everyone was there.
I hid behind Nii-chan again.
"Is it OK if my sister joins us on this trip?" Nii-chan asked...


I think...

"Of Course! Your sister can join anytime"
"Thanks captain!"

Ok that's definitely Daichi.

I looked around and saw a girl.
She's really pretty.
She seems really quiet, nice, and caring.
I leave Nii-chan to go and stay with her.
I think that's Kiyoko?

I walk up to her.
She sticks her hand out.
"Hi. My name is Kiyoko Shimizu. Nice to meet you"
"N-nice to me-meet you too" I stuttered, fidgeting with my fingers. I looked down and blushed in embarrassment.

Everyone's P.O.V



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