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Me: Good Morning bitchachoes

Joey: I'm not even a bitch tho

Leah: yes the fuck you are

Leah: *though

Joey: again I did the spelling bee calm the fuck down

Leah: I'm calm and I'm a virgin so I can't fuck

Me: °_°

Joey: bitch you only suck dick fuck outta here

Me: I think you only suck dick in this group

Joey: yeah and I deepthroat and swallow so fuck with me

Leah: would you hit your best friend in a car for 5 million dollars

Joey: hell yeah The bitch legs gonna be like those cook out chairs, gonna have this bitch doing the stanky leg head ahh

Joey: bless his heart for taking the L fuck you mean

Me: look at Joey trying to be savage

Leah: I feel like you would tell me to hit you with the car

Me: no the fuck I won't

Me: jk

Me: but yeah hit me then pay my hospital bitch fuck you mean

Joey: s a v a g e

Leah: you're dismissed

Joey: so is your pussy but hey

Me: meow

Leah: beyonce would not approve

Joey: so wouldn't your boyfriend

Me: she doesn't have one

Leah: stop laughing so loud Joey you're gonna get us in trouble and you know Ms. Hutchinson is a hawk

Me: got eyes to see you my pretty

Joey: this bish (UGG)ly

Leah: that's not what you said last year

Joey: no proof

Leah: -new picture message-

Me: bruh the fact that you have this shit since last year October 29, 2013 4:30 pm

Leah: yeah

Joey: so do you like Calum

Me: yeah we're gonna bang bang

Joey: such a Thot

Leah: use condoms

Me: nah his pull out game strong

Leah: o_O

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