♡ No Love ♡

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"Get in my office!!!!" Pastor boomed from down the hall. I got off of her and helped her stand up, talking a glimpse at her swollen and scratched up face.

Hakim was wheeling at his fastest capacity.

"Alicia what happened?" He asked alarmed.

"I whopped her ass. She was asking for it!" I exclaimed.

Pastor shut the door.

"What the HELL is going on?" He asked, furiously.

"Your daughter, was disrespecting me and insulting me, practically asking me to beat her up!" I shouted.

"Is this true Chantel?" He asked..

"No daddy, " she shed a fake tear. "She snuffed me. I didn't know why!" She sniffed.

"Ya little pussy ass b*tch!" I jumped up angrily but Hakim held me back.

"Chantel, continue."

"Daddy, check your drawer." She said solemly.

He eyed her suspiciously but opened the door and whipped his head up, wide eyed.

"The savings! Wait! Why was my drawer unlocked?! I had to bring this to the bank!" He exclaimed. "You little-"

"Daddy! It wasn't Alicia."

I sighed, thanking God that at least she wouldn't lie on me.

"It was Hakim."

"No!" Hakim yelled all of a sudden.

"Hakim, I trusted you to lock up the church. Look what you've done!" Pastor cried, holding his head in his hands.

"Nuh uh!" I interjected. "She and Jace said they would lock up."

"Regardless, Hakim you already know that me paying for your college it's over.I have no money left." Pastor stated.

"Pastor no!" Hakim said, starting to tear up.

"Hakim, I am not going to break my neck for you when you don't help me at all." He crossed his arms.

"Hakim let's go." He was stuck in his wheelchair and his eyes were red.

"Hakim LET'S GO." I said, a little louder.

"Fake ass pastor." He mumbled.

"If the Lord thinks you don't like this Church then maybe it isn't for you." Pastor said.


I was in tears. Hysterics. I couldn't believe pastor would leave me in the cold like that, especially in the last semester of college.

"Hakim quit crying. You don't need him. I'll take care of you."

"You always take care of me. I dont need anyone."

"Yes you do Hakim."

I shook my head, wiping my tears and wheeling out to the car.

"Calm down. You need some rest." She tried to calm me down but I was too riled up. "Tomorrow i'm going to my class and tell my professor I'm dropping out."

"Hakim! You can't do that! Your legs aint working and you need to get through college. You know what? I'll pay for it." She replied.

"No Alicia."

I wheeled myself to the bed and flopped on the side using my hands.

"Hakim let me help you."

"Alicia I can't."

"No I will."

"I love you."

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