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All while I'm here in Hawaii, Everyone has been asking me about mi accent. I don't know why but, I have an UK accent for some per-current reason and Everyone loves it and stops me to ask about it.

"Mum, where's August?" I asked her

"He went home to handle some business for me." she said

"Okay, so it's us girls? What we gone do now? "

"We could go to the new house!!!" She said smiling big and dingling the keys in my face

"Epic! Yass mother"

She smiled and we grabbed the girls and left the hotel room getting into our rental jeep and drove to the new home, I was hungry too

"I'm so hungray I could eat e horse." I said

Mom chuckled, "Me too love, I'll drop you guys off and I'll go to the market and pick up some foods and than we can cook, sound good?"


She dropped us off and left, I took the girls inside and opened the front door and we went in, I locked the door behind us

"Good Heavens! It's so beautiful, Luks better than yesterday." I said

"Sissy, is this ours?"

"Yas, Autumn. It's ours."

"Cool, Is there a backyard?"

"Well, why don't we go see now don't we?" I asked April smiling

"Yeah" she said smiling as we went to the back
"Okay, Girls. Foods ready!" Mum said

"Thanks mum" I said grabbing my plate


"Sissy, why has everyone asked about the way you talk?"

I giggled, "I don't know, April. Guess they never heard it before."

"But, mom talks like it all the time."

"Mum, has various amount of accents. While, I was born with mines and moms was born with hers from Brooklyn. "

"I want one"

"You got one now." I told her

"I do?"

"Yes, both of you do. Autumn has August's southern accent cause she's been around him longer, while you on the other hand have moms."

"How'd you get yours?"

"Born with it" I told her eatting my food


"Bloody Hell!" I shouted when someone hit me in the head with a surfboard

"I'm so sorry"

I looked up and seen this tall, musclier hot guy OMG he was fine.

"It's okay."

"I'm Shamoy and you are?"


"Love your accent."

"Thanks" I said smiling

"You're welcome, You're not from around here are you?"

"Nope, Just visiting with my mother and two sisters and stepdad."

"Oh sounds fun, how you liking it so far?"

"It's actually amazing. It's very beautiful out here, Do you live here?"

"Huh, what? Sorry. I'm just amazed at your beauty and your beautiful accent, Say that last part again."

"Thanks and I said Do you live here?"

"Yes, been here since I was 5."

"What's it really like?"

"The same." he said

"Sounds like fun. "

"Yeah, I have to get to work but we should talk sometime"

"Okay that's fine. I'll be here"

He smiled and left


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