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"Guys Branson sent me a voicemail." I said opening my phone.

"Put it on speaker bitch." Joey said.

Hey Morgan,
No I'm not drunk. Haha but I'm horny and my girlfriend is being a prude and not letting me fuck and it's pissing me off. But can you come back over. I know we just had sex an hour ago but can we go round two... wait shit this is Aqua.

"What the fuck, HE'S THE ONE WHO'S BEEN FUCKING MORGAN!!!" Calum getting up from his seat.

"Calum calm down!" I yelled following him to his car.

Calum got in his car and I ran out in front of it. I wasn't about to let him beat somebody ass without me being there with my phone.

"Calum stop!" I said holding my hand out.

"Aqua move!" he yelled.

"If you really like me just like you said you wouldn't hurt Branson." I said.

Calum turned off the car and got out. He looked at me with a sorry face. I could tell that he was really mad at what Branson and Morgan did behind his back.

"Calum I don't want anything to happen. Plus I know Branson would call the cops." I said.

"Aqua!" Leah called coming outside.

"What?" I asked.

"Is there going to be a fight cause I have my snapchat and video camera ready." Leah said pulling out her phone.

"No." I rolled my eyes.

"Why do you always ruin things?" Joey said.

Branson: I'm so sorry about the voicemail

"You should block him." Joey said looking over my shoulders.

"Damn you're noisy as hell." I said pushing him away.


Calum: are you okay

Me: more like are you okay smh

Calum: yeah now that I have you

Me: technically you don't

Calum: well shot me down

Me: bang bang

Calum: we should bang bang

Me: we can bang bang anytime

Calum: can we bang bang next Friday after our date

Me: are you asking me to bang bang and go on a date

Me: fancy huh

Calum: very very

Me: and you're buying me food

Me: we can bang bang all night

Calum: I love you

Me: I love me too

Calum: I blocked Morgan and Branson

Calum: it's all about you

10 minutes later

Calum: are you sleep

Calum: well goodnight.

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