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Author note

I do not own anything except for my OC Vanessa and the story line of this fanfiction.

This is a Honey x OC because I haven't seen to many where he is acting his age. I want to explore that side of him, I understand that he is supposed to be adorable and he will be but I wanted to do something different than what is expected.

Character Info!

Vanessa Venatrix

Age: 17

Height: an inch or two shorter than Honey when she has heels on.

Physical appearance: she has long plum colored hair that is slightly curly. One silver eye and one purple eye. She is very pale and delicate looking. She has a slim figure with small curves.

Fashion: She enjoys dark gothic styles with the occasional Lolita mixed in.

(Further outfits will be explained)

Blood type: AB

Bio: She is very intelligent and intuitive. A protégé in music and the fine arts. Daughter of Yana Toboso and very fluent in French, English, Japanese, German, and Latin. She lives alone in her own penthouse apartment with a personal maid named Veronica Sin. Most of her childhood she spent alone of with her cousin Haruhi Fujioka. She has a stuffed rabbit named Peter that she carries everywhere.

Personality: Very dark and mysterious. She is sensitive about her height and dislikes being mocked. She is very strong willed and intelligent. She is not afraid to speak her mind or defend herself or people she cares for. Usually has a very seductive tone of voice but it is naturally like that.

Likes: sweets, Peter, Singing, Dancing, acting, nighttime and the dark, drawing and designing clothes, reading manga and anime...mostly Black Bulter.

Dislikes: rude comments, humiliation, bullies, people that try to control how she acts and what she does, seafood, bright sunlight for long periods of time.

Fun Facts:

• she often has a black lace parosol with her when she is outside in the sun.

•She hardly ever wears light colors unless someone makes her.

•She often acts very cold and mysterious to people she doesn't know.

•She carries and speaks to Peter more than anyone else.

•She is very into anime and will fangirl like crazy if it is brought up to her.

•She has a small crush on Honey (this will develop over time)

•She dislikes being woken up from naps and sleeping...the last person that tried is still in the hospital...

•She has a black notebook that she calls her Death Note, but it's really her diary, that she keeps hidden in a secret pocket inside Peter.

•She is very skilled in martial arts, knows how to throw knives and shoot a gun.

•She cosplays, like whenever she wants!!!!

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