|| shifting method #2-sunni method ||

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So today we will be talking about the Sunni method.

So the Sunni method is great for people who are good at visualizing and tricking their mind. The Sunni method is where you trick your mind that you were already in your desired reality.

So I get why that might have sounded kind of confusing, so basically what I mean is that when your eyes are closed, you obviously can't see where you are. So this is very easy for you to trick your mind that you were somewhere else.

So what I want you to do is lay down and close your eyes. And imagine that when you open your eyes you are in your desired reality bedroom. So if you hear any sound, check your mind that they are just things in your desired reality. If you have a fan going in your room, act like it's wind coming from the window. Trick yourself that your whole bed looks different, so if you have a white pillow check your mind that it's a blue pillow.

This can be a very difficult Methodist start on in my opinion, but if you're very good at tricking your mind and visualizing then it's very much recommended for you.

Of course you can listen to some subs if you want because subs work for every method. Again, just try very hard to push yourself into your desired reality and of course keep whispering things like " I am in my desired reality" or " I am shifting to my desired reality"

This method is completely based on mind tricks.

Hope this wasn't to hard to understand lol ask questions if you need to :)

💌 - Faith :)

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