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SAMAYA been ringing up my phone all while we been here, Sending me threats and shit. Got so bad I had to turn my phone off, I than blocked this bitch 20 times. What the hell is wrong with these hoes now a days?

All the kids was sleep and it was just met and Maya, I took my mind off of Maya and went over to her and laid between her legs and she kissed my neck rubbing her hands up and down my arms, I ain't gone lie I like when she do lat shit.

"Babe, you wanna go out for breakfast? Just me and you?"

"Sure, August. Just let me get dress."

When she went into the bathroom her phone chimed and I grabbed it to see SAMAYA, I unlocked Maya's phone and seen SAMAYA threatening her back and forth, Maya opened the texts messages but never replied. So I did.

"Look chea SAMAYA, Leave my family alone. If you just mad at me because I left you than take it out on me, Leave my wife and my kids alone. ~August"

"August, I'm not just mad at chu, mad at cha bitch of a wife too."

"Get yourself some help, BITCH." I said before blocking her number and sating Maya phone back on the bed

Maya came out looking hella good and smelling good too, I got up and kissed her neck and hugged her, she giggled and wrapped her arms around me hugging me back

"August, you sure you okay? Baby, you know you can talk to me about anything."

"I'm fine, Let's go." I said grabbing my shirt and putting it on

She looked at me, "Okay, August."

"You got the house?"

"Yes and it's already furnished and everything" Maya said smiling

"Let me see a picture of it."

She opened her phone and handed it to me

"Damn, I like it."

"Maliyah picked it out."

"Li Li, got nice taste."

"She get it from her mama"

"That she do. Babe, you okay?" I asked her

"Yeah" she said looking down and eatting her salad

"Maya, tell me what's going on." I told her wiping her tear

"What's up with Samaya? What's her deal?"

"You shoulda blocked her. Ion wanna talk about her, That was a old flame I thought I put out but she keeps trying to fuck up my life."

"August, Tell me the real reason you got us out here"

"I just want us to have fun and get away with the drama"

"You sure that's it?"


"Or is it because you trying to protect us?"

"Maya, I-If I don't protect y'all who going too? I just want y'all safe. And I want you guys to have fun."

"August, I love you" she said laying her hands on mines

"I love you too"

Everybody was sleeping and I needed to get back home so I could handle Samaya, I crawled out of bed and grabbed my bags kissing Maya and the girls and writing her a letter letting her know where I was going and what I was doing, I sat it under her phone and left the hotel room, Getting on a flight back home. The things I do to protect the people I love.

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