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No matter what you feel, No matter what you say. It's not a good feeling to be living in big ass houses on your own, You get tired of it and eventually you'll wanna settle down and have some kids, That's what my moms told me. And, I felt that way and Maya and I had already hit it off and that's what happened I'm married her cause I felt alone, Don't get me wrong I loved her, Because I did. But, I married her for my own selfish reasons. Because, I was tired of living in big ass mansions alone.

You get real lonely in the houses. And, I feel that feeling again, Now that she's gone. but, I'm not gone let my mind take me there. I have to get positive, Think outside the box.

I went for a morning swim today, My mind went strictly off Maya. This vacation is all I needed but, what happens when I go back home??

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