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The boys were in an interview in Liverpool and were all sat on a sofa, the interviewer in the middle of them.

Niall was laid across the back of the couch because... well because he's Niall.

"Zayn, would you ever get a tattoo sleeve?" The interviewer asked

Zayn shurgged "Not all at once" He answered "But if my tattoos ever make up a sleeve then sure"

"Good answer!" The interviewer said, nodded

while this was happening, Niall and Liam were annoying and shoving eachother, and Louis was giving them slight daggers but also laughing it off.

"Now Louis" The interview said, turning to him "Do you-"

At that moment, all you cuold here was a THUD on the floor. We turned to see that Liam had pushed Niall off of the back of the sofa and onto the floor. All 5 boys immidately started laughing, although Louis was very pissed off that Liam had done that, and been so rude while the lady was trying to do her job.

"Sorry love!" Louis said though his laughter "Sorry he did that! Carry on"

All the boys quietened down and the interview went on. When they got back to the car, Zayn was driving, Louis was in the passengers seat, while the three younger boys were in the back

"Liam I want you to go to your room when we get home" Louis said, somewhat sternly

"What?" Liam replied "Why?"

"Why?" Louis repeated "I'll tell you why, because you pushed Niall off of that sofa when we were in a middle of an interview! Do you know how rude that is? It interrupted the whole thing!"

"Oh..." Liam trailed off, knowing he'd done wrong "Sorry"

"You will be" Louis said as they pulled up outside of their house

All of them went inside and Louis followed Liam up to his room and sat down

"Let's get it over with" Louis said, sitting down "Over my lap"

Liam shook his head no and sat down at his deask chair "No"

"No? What do you mean no?"

"I mean no, Louis, I don't think I've done anything wrong, we always mess about in interviews, even you and Zayn, so why should I be punished for it?"

Louis thought about it for a minute. Liam was right. They did always mess about in interviews. All of them had done something, probably more than once, during an interview, so why should Liam get punished for it?

"And there is also something else that I want to talk to you about"

"What's that?" Louis asked, looking at the younger boy

"I think that I... I think my role in the house should be bumped up a bit" Liam said, and Louis looked confused


"Well... I'm seventeen now, I'm not a kid, I don't like being treated like one, and I'mn not saying that when I do some things it should go unpunished, I just think I should stop being treated like one of the babies.... I think I should be allowed to spank Harry and Niall"

"Well..." Louis said, before once again, going off into thought. Liam was responcible, there was no denying that, yes, every now and then he'd get himself into trouble, but everyone does. He knew that Liam could be trusted to look after the boys. Gah, Louis didn't know what to say, so he just looked at Liam for a minute before saying "I'll have to talk to Zayn about it"

Liam nodded then looked at Louis, who then realised that the whole reason they were in this situation was because Liam was supposed to be getting spanked.