Chapter 20: How Awkward.

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I stood there.. Taking in everything Ali had just said to me. . Did he really go and .. Ugh. I don't want to think about this anymore, But Maybe Mrs. Breeding's was right.

Well, Drew isnt so much as Hiding me but more like keeping me on ice, It's like he comes to me when he wants something and when he can't get it.... He's got a long line of other girls waiting to fulfill him.

He just doesn't want to commit.

I crossed my arms as I turned, looking at him in Anna's Mascot costume. "Josie.. I.-"

"Save it." I said as I started for the door. Now your expecting me to say.. He grabbed my arm, and stopped me from leaving...... BUT NO. . He didn't.


After a dreadful day... I could finally go home; Of course.. I'm walking again.. today. Jake is "Going to his friends house" again. . Whatever. "Josie, I'm sorry.. about drew.? Ferrah said as we fell into step together as we walked down the sidewalk. I shrugged. "I mean, but Josie, did you really-" She stopped her self.

"Did I really what?" I pushed for her to finish. She looked around a bit and had a hesitant tone, "Did you really  just give up, that easy?..I think he's changed.. for you, I mean I know you two had some type of history.. But he's drew. LIKE I TOLD YOU BEFORE: HE'S A DOUCHE BAG.and Josie.. Yes: It got worse when you came around but you know that saying! "When a boy is mean to you; he likes you.' " Ferrah said.

and I seriously felt like laying down in the middle of the street and curling into a small ball. . .

"Ehh." I said sadly and when ferrah noticed my tone her hand flew to my back.. I loved ferrah and I was happy she was trying to comfort me but seriously she so heavy handed and she's horrible at cheer ups.

I whimpered as her hand slapped my back, before moving in small circles. "Just remember Josie. When things get you down, and your feeling week... just know that you were the strongest sperm." Ferrah said,

NO. NO no. no. nu-nu SHE DIDN'T just say that!

I let out a puffed laugh, "YES! I made you smile !" She said hopping up and down.

"I have an Idea!" Ferrah said, making my laughter stop. "Maybe you and Drew could possibly talk this out," She said making me frown. If it wasn't obvious.. I didn't want to talk to drew.. Like ever.


"You can stay the night tonight !" Ferrah said Getty. "Uhm No. And it wouldn't wor-" I started. "Both my parents are going to the Parent retreat thing that they do every year.. My house is going to be free for three days," Ferrah interrupted me. "What about my parents." I said.

"We can tell them your staying at Anna's.. she's sick but she'll cover for you. .Look Josie, I just ... I don' know but.. - I always wanted you and Drew to work out. and seriously, I honestly think you could make him settle down." Ferrah spoke.






"It's a Plan!" I agreed to this whole thing...

Because, YES: Secretly, I'v always wanted me and Drew to work out as well.

"DM' Me when you get in," Ferrah said as she took the left, going down her street and I took the right leading towards mine.

Lately Iv had a twitter obsession; Basically because it's the only social network my Parents havn't ruined.

When I got in my mom was in the kitchen, And for some reason I was kind of scared to ask her because somehow someway she always knew when I was lieing. "Mom can I stay at Anna's this weekend?" I said. "Sure, Honey... " My mom spoke staring down at some papers.