morning routine

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Seonghwa's house

Mingi what in the world is this!❞ Seonghwa's screams woke both Wooyoung and Yunho up.

Feeling annoyed at how his roommates' screams were always the ones waking him up before his alarm, Wooyoung groaned and covered himself with the blankets.

On the other hand, Yunho, although his senses were woken up. He just switched sides and went back to sleeping like a log.
As if his mind was built to ignore any noise when it came to sleep.

From a far distance, the sounds of hurried footsteps could be heard followed by Mingi who shouted with his whole chest, ❝okay it's my fault, but it's Yunho's fault too!

Hearing his name being mentioned Yunho bolt out of his bed and ran downstairs. Wooyoung raised his head to follow the older's movement, but when he was out of sight, he flopped back down.

Yunho ran down the stairs, ❝You bitch, we called truce not to snitch!❞ Yunho's voice was loud and raspy, then it followed by serious of loud thuds.

Well, guess what cum log? If I am gonna fall, I won't hesitate to drag you with me❞ Mingi tried to raising his voice louder to dominate.

WHAT A FRIEND YOU ARE❞ Yunho raised his voice louder. Raising his voice even louder Mingi yelled back ❝WELL IM MORE THAN YOUR FRIEND BOTTOM

At this Yunho snapped and step forward stabbing Mingi's throat.
YUNHO STOP CHOKING MINGI!❞ Seonghwa stressed yelled.

STOP YELLING YOU PILE OF SHEEP ANUSES❞ Wooyoung yelled under his cover.

It was quiet for a second until Yeosang replied downstairs, his voice was the loudest among them. Thanks to the megaphone he whipped out.

❝Wooyoung no one asked for your opinion and get your salty clamped up ass❞ Wooyoung suddenly have the urge to choke Yeosang, so he dashed downstairs as well.

Just as he was about to smack some respect into Yeosang, he was stopped by him. ❝Don't get involved in the Yungi drama❞ Yeosang placed his hand in front of him as if Wooyoung came to a stop the fight.

The younger just looked behind Yeosang to see what was happening.

Nothing out of the ordinary, Seonghwa stressing and trying to calm Yunho and Mingi who were choking each other while raising their voice.

You know you're sounding more and more like my pacifist yoga teacher❞ Wooyoung shuddered at the thought of his yoga teacher.

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