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( Aqua POV )

"Come on its been a week since the whole Branson thing." Leah said trying to pull me off my bed while Joey sat there with Marie.

"I don't wanna get up." I pouted and held on tight to my bed.

"You can't spend another weekend in bed." Joey said shoving another handful of popcorn in my mouth.

"I know what would get her up." Marie said running down stairs.

What is she doing?

"Look if you don't get up these would be destroyed." She said holding up my Mean Girls, Gossip Girl, The Notebook, and Magic Mike movies up in the air.

"You wouldn't dare." I said.

She shrugged her shoulders and walked over to my window and opened it.

"Now are you going to get up?" she asked.

"Come on Marie this is too much, those movies gives me life." Leah said walking towards her.

Marie laughed and threw the movies out the window.

"NOOOO!!!" Me and Leah said as a unison, as I ran to the window.

"You bitch!" I said.

"But you got up though." She laughed.

I ran down stairs to my backyard as fast as I could. When I got outside I saw that she threw them on a pile of pillows.

That sneaky bitch.

Calem: open your door

Me: last time I checked slavery was over

Calem: please open your door

I walked inside and opened my door.

"Hey cutie." Calum said kissing my cheek.

"Yeah yeah, what's in the Waffle House bag." I said.

"2 waffles, hash browns, sausage and bacon, and some eggs, and Starbucks Coffee." He said handing me the bag.

"OMG you know me so well." I smiled and grabbed his hand and went up stairs.

"Look at this bit-.... Hey boyfriend." Joey said.

"Hey fake boyfriend." Calum laughed. I'm glad he adventually caught onto the joke.

"Ugh you guys are too gay to function." Leah rolled her eyes.

"This is Marie, my cousin she joined our clique." I said.

"Hey Marie." Calum said.

Marie just sat there and waved.

"So what are we doing Sunday?" Joey asked.

"SixFlags." Leah said handing out season passes that her mom got for free.

"Well that's the plan." Calum laughed.

Branson: hey aqua I want you to know again that I'm sorry

Branson: I really want you to forgive and forget so we can continue our relationship

Branson: Morgan doesn't mean anything to me

1 hour later

Branson: I love you babe

Branson: waNt tu hv sex lol

Branson: I continue to fingah yooooouuuuu

Branson: love me back bitch

1 miss call from Branson

1 new voicemail

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