The First Meeting

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All you wanted was to spend one evening to yourself, a drink in hand and no idiots messing with you.

Apparently you had asked for too much.

Your eyes briefly drifting to look at the paramedics attending to the man whose nose you had most likely broken. A sort of twisted satisfaction settled over you and you made yourself more comfortable in the backseat of Dan's cruiser. He got in, slamming his door.

"He doesn't know if he's pressing charges yet."

"Yay." You responded dryly.

Dan said nothing more as he put the car in gear, driving away from the little dive bar. The ride was somewhat silent except for the occasional noise of boredom you made, and until Dan slammed his hands on the steering wheel.

"I thought you were trying to stay out of trouble Y/N! Half of my arrests record is just you and your infinite ability to cause trouble!" Dan had finally snapped.

You shrugged as best you could with your wrists cuffed behind your back.

"Yeah, and you probably made detective faster thanks to that." You pointed out.

Dan shook his head, glancing back at you.

"I know you're better than this, I just don't understand why you can't stay out of trouble." He sighed.

"That makes two of us..." You whispered to yourself as you rested your head against the window.


"But Detective-"

Lucifer sighed as Chloe shut the door in his face, refusing to let him follow her into the interrogation room. His protests fell on def ears, and he gave the door a sour look as if it was at fault for him being denied entry. He had nearly assaulted their suspect and as such Chloe had wisely refused to let him anywhere near the man.

"What am I supposed to do now?" 

Chloe didn't respond and Lucifer huffed in annoyance. His expression was bored as his eyes dully scanned the precinct. A commotion caught his attention, Dan was leading someone into the precinct but Lucifer didn't have a good view with the various people running around. He focused his attention to the vending machines instead, deciding on a snack while he waited.


You watched as Dan secured one of your wrists to his desk, pulling on the cuffs to assure you couldn't somehow remove them from his desk. The last time he had left you just barely enough room to slip your hand out. It had hurt to pull your hands free but your favorite show was airing a new episode that night and you simply couldn't have missed it. Dan had not been amused when he caught you trying to sneak out. He'd wised up since then.

You watched him with a passive expression, but failed to suppress a smile when he swept almost everything from his desk into a draw. Which he hastily locked, he'd learned over the years not to leave anything you could use to, stab, maim, or pick a lock within your reach.

"Your lack of trust in me is just hurtful." You pouted dramatically, placing your free hand over your chest as if his actions had wounded you.

Dan rolled his eyes, walking away, leaving you alone and incredibly bored.


Lucifer skimmed over his options in the vending machines, holding his money between his fingers as he decided between the unhealthy snacks.

"Don't touch the computer!" 

Dan shouted from the other side of the room catching the devil's attention. It sounded like he was scolding a child and Lucifer frowned, looking to see who Dan had been shouting at.

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