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I couldn’t see the battle because of how deep we were in the crater, but I was able to sense their power at the very least. A few moments into the affair and one of the combatants’ power had cut down within milliseconds. I could hear Raditz’s monstrous and booming laugh. The sound sent shivers down my spine and I gripped onto Gohan tighter.  

Suddenly, a surge of energy erupted. I couldn’t tell if it was Goku or his ally. But, whoever it was, the other was holding Raditz off while the attack charged. 

“Gohan, look!” His head shot up at my voice. We looked out the pod’s window and saw Goku forming a Kamehameha wave. The blue ball of energy glowed, shadowing a white aura. He shot the beam down on Raditz, manipulating it to hit the target as he ran to avoid it. A puff of smoke rose shortly after the attack connected. I could sense the effect it had on Raditz; none. His energy hardly decreased while Goku’s did with a sharp decline. After a ki blast like that, a lot of his energy was used up. Gohan and I stared at Goku, silently praying that he was going to come up on top.

“Come on, Daddy,” Gohan whispered. 

Out of the blue, a pink blast was shot up at Goku at lightning speed. He was shot down as the blast made contact. Gohan, upon seeing his father dropping to the Earth’s floor at deadly speed, dug his face into my shirt. His tears stained my overalls but I was too engrossed in the battle to care. Tears silently dripped onto Gohan’s hat.

I remembered the attack Goku’s ally was charging up as a burst of ki happened in an instance. The ki was concentrated at a single point - it seemed like it was finished. And from what I would sense, it was stronger than Raditz. 

A flash of light blinded me. I could hear a nearby mountain crumble. Did they miss? Is Raditz defeated? 

The light slowly subsided and my senses came back. 

Raditz was still standing. 

There was a moment where another ball of ki was forming but it disapparated into thin air almost as fast as it appeared. It was silent for a minute but then a scream was heard. 

My eyes widened. Goku!

The screams were intense and filled with sheer pain. Whatever Raditz was doing to him made my blood boil. 

“Daddy?” Gohan tensed up, then quickly relaxed. I peered down at the young boy. Normally, he would be bawling his eyes out. But right now, he was calm? 

No, not calm.

He was processing. His tiny fists were balled but the rest of his features were eased. His skin was heating up from his emerging anger. Gohan isn’t an angry kid, he never has been. He’s usually smiling and laughing at whatever stupid joke I made or to his dad's expressions. But, at this moment. hearing his father crying out in did something to him. It awoke a reserve of anger. Probably all the anger that’s been bottling up inside of him through this whole ordeal. If I didn’t calm him down soon, there would be no telling what could happen.

“Gohan,” I pleaded, “please calm down. Goku, he’s-he’s going to be ok, I promise. Just please, calm down.” My begging fell deaf to his ears. His expression was etching more into a scowl, his teeth barring. “Gohan, I know you’re angry. I am too! But you have to calm down.”

He moved out of my arms and faced the action through the glass. He started shaking. He was about to blow.

Goku’s screams continued to fill the air and with each agonizing yelp, the more Gohan’s energy rose. There was nowhere for me to go; He was going to erupt and I’d have no place to hide.

The pod’s casing started tearing at the bolts. In a few moments this pod is going to be nothing but rubble. I sank further into the seat, curling up into a ball to shield the incoming impact. The shell continued to break away. And with one final echoing scream from his father, Gohan soared into the sky, tearing the front of the pod to pieces. The force accumulated by the small boy was enough to send me flying off the seat and to the other side of the crater. My back connected with the rocky ground. I knew the pain was there, but I was unable to feel it. My body had gone into shock and my senses were going haywire. However, the radiating energy coming from gohan was enough to overwhelm everything. His body was high in the air and I could see him getting ready to attack Raditz with full force. He back flipped into the action, and that was all I could see at this present moment.

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