70. Promise

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Logan's POV:

I look in the mirror and stare at all the stitches and bandages that cover the scars and bruises on my body. Tyler and even a few of my men expressed their surprise at me for holding my pain and traveling miles just after a few hours of surgery to find her, but honestly, I don't feel any pain. Or maybe I'm just immune to outside pain when my insides are burning.

I sigh heavily and trace the necklace on my neck again before I put on my black tight T-shirt which I had paired with black jeans. I take out my gun from the case and open the magazine to make sure that I have loaded the gun with enough bullets. I then tuck it in the back of my jeans and grab my leather jacket before I headed downstairs to the main room of the building.

I saw all my guards getting ready with their equipment such as their pistols, their Bluetooth security earpieces, flashlights, and all the necessary items required to go on a mission. I never thought this moment, where I need back support from my men, would happen again. The last time I needed them for a mission was a year ago when a group wanted to destroy my company, other missions I always handle by myself with the help of Pat. But this time it's for saving my girl and I would do it a thousand times to always save my loved ones.

"Everything is set, Logan." Patrick announced as he came out of one of the rooms. Tyler was following close behind, a walkie talkie in his hands.

"Did you notify the agency?" I asked Pat while I put on the black beanie that I had carried from my room.

"Yes, I did. They said they will arrange everything and will be there at the spot before us." Patrick replied and put on his backpack which consisted of his laptops and evidence against Micah. I nodded in reply and ordered everyone to board the car as we were all set to go.

As soon as Lindsey gave us the information of the woodhouse in the outskirts of the city, Tyler was quick to notify Patrick who immediately searched the place on the maps. With his high tech location finder devices, we got the exact location of the place in just fifteen minutes and since then we didn't waste even a single second and got ready. I had also notified the TRIXEYE agency about everything once I reached here. I had given them a call as soon as I reached and when I informed them about the new situation they were fast to spring up for action. Patrick emailed them the details of the case 1306 with all the important evidence and they confirmed everything from their place and called for an emergency mission.

Since this whole Kingstons' death and Micah's case started with the agency, they were ready to take up all the responsibilities as well as promised to provide us with all the necessary support and back up for this mission. They told me about how they have never been able to track Micah ever since he killed Lia's parents that day. They informed me they also couldn't take any legal actions since even Lia wasn't present in Worcester anymore. The case was listed as pending ever since then but now they got the chance to reopen it and it seems like the verdict will be given today itself.

Right now we are heading to the woodhouse which seems to be like an hour of a drive from here. We all settled in our rented cars. About fifteen of my guards will be coming with me to the spot and they have all taken two big vans that we have rented an hour ago. Me, Patrick, Tyler, and one more of my guard decided to take the car. Tyler was driving and I was on the front passenger seat while Patrick and the guard sat in the back. It's been almost thirty minutes into the road and Patrick seemed to be working on his laptop nonstop.

"What are you doing?" I asked Pat, looking at him through the rearview mirror. He glanced at me for a second through the mirror before he fixed his gaze on the laptop again.

"I'm trying to jam the signals that are going to the woodhouse. Therefore we can block all the incoming and outgoing calls for them. Trying to destroy the communication system." Patrick muttered from the back.

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