it begins

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Matt went home and collapsed on the couch and fell asleep only to awaken by his roommate dropping shit all over the floor "damn it shane" matt yelled he sat up and noticed the cartridge fell out of his pocket. He got up to look for his roommate "hey Shane" he called "yeah?" Shane answered "where's the old n64?" Asked matt "I don't know I'm going out. bye" Shane said as he left "shit" matt muttered angrily. He went in his basement and opened the closet. A box that had "N64" in big black writing  sat in the back "finally" he sighed suddenly his phone vidrated and he picked it up and noticed he had a text from Shane "I kind of want to suck your dick, no homo bro" he read aloud matt decided to turn off his phone. He went upstairs and plugged in his n64 and his phone to charge it he blew all the dust off the  cartridge and put it in the console and turned it on and the Nintendo logo appearered on the screen but stayed on the screen longer than normal "damn" matt thought be got off to reset the console but suddenly heard the ocerena of time title screen "aw damn I wanted majora's mask"  matt whined "oh well " he picked up the controller and noticed the screen glitch a little when he pressed start it went to the file select screen and to his surprise there were no saved files "wow its new" matt said as he started a new file and named it "MATT" he skipped through the beginning cutscene, having seen it multiple times he watched navi fly over link but instead of saying the usual "hey wake up!" She simply said; "BOOBIES." "what the fuck" matt thought he pressed A to go through the the dialogue but all it said was " BOOBIES bOOBIES boobies BOOBIES!!!!!!!1!!!1" "damn so its a pirated game" matt sighed "really funny... at least it doesn't look that bad..." he looked at the screen and noticed links face had turned into an ass. He quickly grabbed his phone and called  Shane "dude get over here now." He said sternly "so is that a yes...?" Shane stuttered "shut up get over here you need to see this" matt yelled he hung up and looked at the screen sweating nervously. This is the beginning

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