The First Night

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When I look back now it is with complete sadness that I remember the first time he showed me any interest.

It was a winters evening, cold outside, the heater was on full blast. I sat beside him in the middle seat in the cab of the truck. The truck was old, the seats a light brown vinyl, to which my thighs were sticking rather unpleasantly. I shuffled my legs a little, my shorts offered no reprieve. I sat there carefully pealing my bare skin off the seat, I could feel the pinching where the vinyl had torn.  We were waiting patiently for His wife as she ran into a nearby house... doing errands. It was a clear cold dark night, and I felt like going home.

The cab was old and cramped. Dust, dirt and saw dust covered most of the inside surfaces, like any   work vehicle and there was papers, receipts and rubbish strewn across the floor. The cab light was broken, the cover missing. The old gear stick was long and cumbersome, rising from under the dash directly in front of the middle seat.

As a result of such awkward positioning  I sat nervously, and rather uncomfortably with my legs spread one each side of the stick. He kept his hand on the gear stick... motor humming . He appeared quite comfortably relaxing  his hand resting between my legs his head on the back of the seat.

 I had always suspected something... my gut made me fear him, the situation made me nervous. But I was still shocked we he reached over and pressed his lips to mine.

The kiss itself was not gentle. It was rough, fast and brazen. I was shocked speechless... looking in desperation for his wife... the street was empty. He turned my face with his hand to look at him locking me with his eyes. Once again he moved forward to kiss me.

He paused momentarily as I struggled and tried to pull back. Between Him, the lap belt and the damnable gear stick I was stuck. He held me firm and looked at me, studying  me face for what seemed an eternity. I saw his face harden.

" you will kiss me.. now" he ordered the chill swept over me and I felt only fear.

I looked to see if his wife was coming, I desperately hoped that he too would be concerned.

He smirked at me.. "the quicker you kiss me, the quicker this will be over, do you want her to catch you kissing her husband?" I couldn't talk, I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, I shook my head.

With that he reached his body forward and kissed me. He was hot and wet and rough on my young skin. I couldn't breath as his tongue filled my mouth. He forced my mouth to obey. His grasp hurt my face, his stubble stung my tender lips. He was cruel in his force, over powering, I was hopeless to fight him. I couldn't breath, I couldn't struggle.. the was no escape.

He pulled away and smiled at me. "you will do better next time" he whispers.

I shuddered with fear.

He sits up and flicks on the car lights.. the next moment his wife opens the passenger side door. My heart skips a beat and I jump and she scrambles in from the cold. She sits beside me, chatting merrily to him as I try to subtly wipe my face. I feel myself blushing, or rather burning, my throat is dry and I am scared.

"You look a little bit hot dear" his wife absently notes

"Yes I had better turn the heater off before we fry her" he laughs

"Would like me to wind down the window" she suggests, now looking at me concerned.

"Oh no, that's ok, I'm just not feeling too well" I complain "I think I need to go home"

She smiles sweetly.. "Oh you poor girl you do look exhausted" she flashes a sympathetic look "you work her too hard" She says to her husband, "I don't want her job affecting her school"

"we will be about another hour lovely.." She says brightly  "just need you to help to off load the last of the stock"  I nod at her slowly and force a smile.

Then I feel his arm heavy on my leg, leaning on me as he appears to fight the gear stick. He movements struggling with the stick forces my legs further part.  After a moment He double pumps the clutch,  the stick shifts easily into first. We pull out to continue the drive, his hand again  comfortably resting on the stick between my legs.

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