-9-Out of All the People in the World, I Fall in Love With You?

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chapter 9

Our trip in Vegas was coming to an end. Me and Pamela were on our way back to L.A. Gwen stayed behind with Cesar. He said hed bring her back and even though we meet only afew days ago, i trust him still.

"You. Make. Me. Feel like im livin a, tee-nage-dream! The way you tur me on!" i said in the car as Pam filled it with gas. Then 'If I Had You' by Adam Lambert(?) came on then i started throwing my hands in the arm, yellin, and head banging. The head banging was a baaad idea cause i hit my head on the dash board as Pamela hopped in the car. She laughed so hard she almost fell out the car.

"Ah shit. That mess hurt." i rubbed my forehead.

Pamela calmed down abit then we got back on the road.


"Bye!" i waved to Pam as i walked up to my door. I called my parents earlier and told them i was coming home. I knocked on the door then my 13 year old sister, Jessica,opened the door.

"Oh. Its just you" she said sounding upset then she walked away.

"Nice to see you too!" i said sarcasticly.

She walked over to the downstairs closet then knocked on it. "False alarm!" she yelled.

"Okay. You have officially lo--" i stopped because a boy came out of the closet. "Holy cheese balls! Why are you in my closet?" panic in my voice.

"Calm down this is my boyfriend. Johnathen" my sister said smiling and hugging his arm. "This is my phyco of a sister, Delylah" she introduced us.

"Why am i phyco?" i asked.

"Cause you are" she said, giving me attitude.

"Hi." i shook his hand. "Hope you know what you're getting yourself into, pal." i put my hand on his shoulder, then looked into his terrified eyes "I'll pray fer you" i whispered.

"Get away, you're scaring him!" Jessica yelled then pushed me away.

I just laughed then walked upstairs. "Use protection!" i joked as i walked upstairs.

I walked into my room and threw my bags on the floor then threw me on my bed. I was tired as heck man. I closed my eyes then dozed off..


"TWO MORE DAYS! TWO MORE DAYS! TWO MORE DAYS TILL ANDREW GETS OUT!!!" I sang as i took a shower the next morning. I got out then dried off. I smiled the whooole day! I was super hyped!

"Whats your problem?" my dad asked me as he slowly drank his coffee.

"Andrews getting out of jail in two days!" i yelled happily.

"Why was he in jail in the first place?" he asked me.

I thought for a second. "He got in a fight"

My dad slowly nodded then took another sip of coffee.

I nodded to then ran upstairs to get my ipod. When i got it i walked outside into the backyard. I decided to swing on the swings and daydream, one of my many hobbies.

I listened to my playlist called "Cause You're Amazing". Its all the cute songs in my ipod. They all make me think of Andrew too. I smiled when Teenage Dream came on. It was my theme song for him.

I got off of the swings and sat in the grass. I plucked some of it as the music played. Then In Your Arms by The Maine came on. I dont know why, but i started crying.

I looked up at the sky with tears in my eyes...

I hate being away from you...

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