Consequences Unforeseen Cover Contest

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When I first uploaded my writing onto Wattpad, there were not that many chapters. The cover was designed when there were actually only three chapters (the first three), which were based mostly in Cannes in the South of France.

The current cover was produced based on a scene in Part Two of the book – a view from Calern campsite overlooking Cannes just as dawn was beginning to break. It is a pivotal in the life of the Main Character, Bill Douglas.

Now, the book is at forty parts and growing every couple of days, so I have taken Eva’s advice and asked my fellow wattpadders to HELP ME OUT! Please use your undeniable talent and design a new cover for me!

The winner will be credited with producing the cover on the book introduction page and they can choose a chapter of their choice to be dedicated to them. As well, if the book makes it to hardcover/paperback, the winner’s artwork will be presented to the publishers for possible selection as the actual front cover.

As a token of my appreciation the winner will also receive a $20.00 value card for iTunes or

Contest runs from December 1st to December 31st. Please post your entries here:

The readers of the book are growing exponentially thanks to all here on Wattpad, so your work will certainly grab attention for your effort and help drive “Consequences Unforeseen forward.

Go on – Go for it – You know you have the talent!!!


• Work to be PG13 appropriate

• No copyright material either photographic or verbal

• Royalty free images only please or self created work

• No living or deceased individuals of fame or fortune or celebrity

• Your entry should show clearly that you have read and understand the book. If you choose a particular chapter to base your work on, then a comment on that chapter will be essential

• A brief written overview of your work and why you chose to go with it, is essential (This may be featured on the inside cover of the work)

• You may not maintain copyright on your submission. If it is chosen your name will be credited with the design.

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