New Centaur

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Today I saw a sight, the like

I've never seen before

Resulting from a deep connect

That I cannot ignore

You'd think it was two entities

But didn't move as such

And at first look, it didn't seem

That they'd excite too much

A lovely horse and rider pair

Quite common in that place

Still when their exercise began

Calm left with out a trace

Without the tack one always needs

To guide a willful horse

Bareback and reinless they did flow

Around the show ring course

Side step then trot, right lead then left

Dressage in Western style

Figure eights and fancy form

Did more than bring a smile

Three times a flat out gallop ended

In a heel down slide

With just the pressure of her legs

Her body seemed to glide

With solid seat and such control

These two were not a pair

But more a single entity

Two minds, one thought they share

Let's harken back 600 years

Before the Spaniards came

When plains folk walked from here to there

And did so without shame

They came upon a godlike thing

With four legs and two heads

They watched the upper head detach

And walk around not dead

The plainsmen took to horsemanship

As though to breathing air

With only rope and seldom more

Their lives they start to share

Full circle back to what I saw

It really raised the bar

Two move as though a single soul

Maybe a new Centaur

Richard Higley © Nov 2012

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