Julia and nash

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Hi my name is Julia I have brown hair and hazel eyes I have a boyfriend named Nash Grier we both love in L.A but he is on tour and I haven't seen him for 1 month and I miss him I've only been texting and calling him but I leave a 3 in the morning to go see him tomorrow morning I have everything packed and ready to go I'm about to go to but I wanna call Nash first (n=Nash m=me)
M-hey baby
N=hey sweet heart how are you? I miss u I can't wait to see you
M=I'm good I miss u sooo much more and I can't wait to see u tomorrow I'm so existed
N=me too, well I'm going to go to bed baby I love u I will see u tomorrow
M=ok I love u too
We hung up and I fell asleep

*3 AM*

I get up super tired and with an half an hour to get to the air port so I threw on a pair of shorts and my L.A t-shirt along with doing my make-up and putting on the ring and necklace that Nash got me

*skip plane ride*

I get to the off my plane and get a taxi to the hotel Nash is staying at. When I get there I get a key to mine and Nash's room and walk up there, I open the door quietly knowing he would be asleep and put my stuff down and crawled into bed with him cuddling up to him "julia?" His raspy morning voice spoke "hey baby" I said kissing his cheek he smiled and rolled over and wrapped his arm around me pulling me close and fell asleep I soon fell asleep after him.

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