Chapter 21

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I ain't told August this but.... I'm about to buy up a house out chea'! Maliyah and I are going looking for one while August is spending the day with April & Autumn the two A's together and the two M's together, my phone rung but I didn't get no good reception around her so I didn't bother answering until I got further out where we was headed too.

"I like." Maliyah said as we looked around

"I'll take it" I told the realtor

"Okay, Sign the papers and we will get back to you tomorrow morning and let you know if you got the house."

I smiled, "Okay"

I signed the papers and Maliyah co-signed! I'll tell August later but it's not like I used his money shit this my money and my money don't go in no damn bank, I keep it in a money bag! Ya feel me?

"When you gone tell August?"

"When we get back to the hotel room, But right now let's go and do some shopping and get a little brunch, I heard they good are delicious"
"Babe...." I said in my innocent tone swimming over to him

"Yeah beautiful?" He asked wrapping his arms around my neck

"I got some to tell you..."

"What's up? Just tell me." he said wrapping the string of hair out my face and kissing me

"I purchased a house.. well more like looked into it"

"Uh where?" He asked me

"Here...." I said bitting my lip

"Let me see it later, okay?"

"You mad?"

"Nah babe, I'm not mad. Why would I be mad?"

"Because, I went behind your back"

"Now that you mention it, Why did you go behind my back?"

"Because, i didn't know how you'd respond!"

"Bae, I wouldn't be mad about you getting what you want. Next time, tell me okay?" He said tilting my chin

"Okay babe"

"I love you, cowgirl!"

"Love you too, Papi" I said kissing his lips and chuckling

"Mama can we get in?"

"Maliyah get Autumn" I said

"Ok" Maliyah grabbed Autumn and held her putting one foot in the water

"C-c-cold Li Li" she whined , "I want out"

"It's gone be cold when you first get in"

"I no care, let me out."

I laughed and grabbed April and she got in the water and started shaking, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead

"Momma it's so cold"

"It's going to be cold for a minute. but, your body will adjust. I promise baby"

I LOVE being a mother and that's one thing no bitch or man can take away from me and I
know Tremaine and August love being daddies, They are two of te greatest men's in the world and I know that and they Love they Children they'd do anything to protect them and August would do anything to protect Maliyah and April too and they ain't even his. I love my men 💘 Unconditionally.

"Come on, Autumn. Daddy got you!"

"Daddy it cold"

"Look, mama and April doing it. Get in with daddy" I begged Autumn

She looked at the water and back at the hotel and came to me, I picked her up and we walked in the water with her mom and sister, I laid out on the water and laid her between my legs so she could get used to the water

"C-C-Cold" she said crying

"Autumn, look at me. Look at daddy" I said

She looked up at me

"You think daddy would hurt you?"

She shook her head no

"Than stop crying okay? Your body just gotta get used to the water" I said wiping her tears

Maya laid April down on her arm, "Kick"
She started kicking, I laughed at her trying to swim and paid my attention back to Autumn, Daddy's little diva 👑💋😂

"Daddy, Can I sit up now?"

I sat her up and kissed her cheek and sat her back down taking her picture and took to instagram posting a picture of her and Maya! Swea' she her mama twin just got her daddy's lips

"Love you daddy" she said smiling

"Love you too" I said pecking her lips and lifting her over my shoulder putting my phone in my back pocket good thing I got the waterproof case on it cause it would be soaked

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