Chapter 32: Peeta

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I am feeling sick right now. I don't know what to talk about with Katniss. Is she going to be nice? Or is she going to be a bitter soul, like I sort of remember her as. I don't even know anymore.

"Hey Katniss" I say with a tinge of bitterness but still trying to keep the conversation friendly. Right now I wish I had the suit with the needle of calming serum because my brain isn't working right.

"How are you?" she asks slightly nervously, or it seems like nervousness. I smile and play with my hands under the table.

"Good, I've been in treatment and they have me doing a new project to calm me down" I say smiling. Should I tell her about the cake for the wedding? I decide not to and just smile weirdly "Are you okay? Is this weird? I'm sorry if it is. I just thought it would help me to see you, not just on a screen" I add calmly trying to hold in all of my emotions.

"Yeah. No it's fine. It's not as weird as I expected" she says smiling lightly, but it might not be genuine "You seem to be better already. You're not screaming at me and laughing at me" she says remembering the last time I saw her in the flesh. I nod and tell her I'm sorry. Am I though? I look away awkwardly and see Clove and Cato slowly getting up and leaving. I look back at Katniss who just seems stuck right now.

"You're still acting weird" I say smiling lightly, she shrugs and looks into my eyes. I smile, missing her eyes. She has the most stunning gray eyes. I missed seeing them up close and at the same time I hate her. That's the trademark thing about her, for me at least. I frown and look away.

"Well this helped. Thanks again" I say awkwardly. She smiles and leaves calmly.

"Peeta, you need to get back to your work" I nod and the guards decide to not cuff me to take me back. I smile at myself.

"Did I do something right?" I ask and they look down at me confused "You didn't cuff me. I must be doing well?" I ask again.

"We can see by all that" the guard says gesturing behind us "that you know how to control yourself enough around Katniss" I smile, feeling happy. 

Two people dressed in gray clothes wheel in a cart with my partially made cake and another cart with supplies. I smile and continue to place fondant sea animals and frosted waves. I smile at the finished first two tiers and mix some already light blue frosting with white and green to make some sea foam green frosting.

"Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. Hope you live happily ever after" I frost gently with a fine tip brush. I sigh happily once I'm done. My hand hurts and throbs but I'm still smiling widely. I sit back on the wall and see the work I've been doing 

"I think I'm done" I say loudly and two men come to wheel all of the stuff away. I fall asleep and dream about being the Capitol.


"You can't get away from her" Snow says bitterly. I struggle to get away but he just smirks. "She's evil, like a wild mutt. She'll rip you to shreds."

"No she won't!" I yell back. "I know my Katniss, she's not evil. You're the evil one!" I add bitterly. He just smiles and I feel a tingle in my fingers. The pain spreads to my entire body until I feel it in every inch of my body.

I wake up screaming and sweaty and look around. "It was just a dream" I say out loud to console myself. I lay back in bed and stare at the wall.

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