Jamie the Big Softy Pt. 1

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Jess' POV

I woke up slightly startled about not being in my own room. Then I smelled Sam's aftershave and calmed down, laying my head back down on the downy soft pillow. I reached my arm out, trying to feel for Sam in the bed with me. However, no one was there with me. I was alone in his bed, his room. I sat up and looked around to truly take in the features around me. I didn't really take that time last night to examine his room. 

Sam's room was spotless, everything placed in a specific spot nice and neatly. Pft... he would have an aneurysm if he saw my old room at the farm... I stretched my arms above my head, letting out a quiet squeaking as I did so. I began to wonder where Sam may have gone before I remembered. You dumby! Sam, Bucky and Steve go for a run every freaking morning! You should know this by now!!!I I shook my head, clearing away the snarling voice in my head, and jumped out of Sam's bed. I was still wearing some of his clothes which was good. They smelled like him. All those times I witnessed my parents sniffing the other's clothes when they were apart suddenly made sense. It was true, what they say, about the scent of one's soulmate soothing the nerves. Interesting...

I shuffled my way to his door, picking up my discarded clothing on the way out, exited his room, and gently shut the door behind me. I looked at my phone to see the time: 5:56 a.m. Well, guess I could go make breakfast for everyone. So, I made my way to the elevator, punched the button for my floor, and waited to go get changed.


After I had changed into some sweat pants and a black tank top, I made my way to the common room and kitchen floor to begin making breakfast. Through the short time I had lived here, I had learned a few things. One: these guys eat like they have black holes for stomachs! Two: they REALLY like pancakes. And three: I definitely need to start now. 

I rushed into the kitchen, plugged my phone into the speaker sitting on the counter, pulled up my playlists, and then pulled up my pancake recipe. I began to hum along with Carry You as I mixed my ingredients together in a massive bowl. In a last minute decision, I decided to throw in some chocolate chips for extra wow... ok so I did it because I feel like chocolate, give me a break.

I dug out a griddle and plugged it in, turning the heat up to medium. I grabbed a little cup and began to scoop out enough mix for each pancake, pouring it onto the hot surface. The song ended and Break On Me began to play. This is my absolute favorite song!! I turned the volume up on the speaker so that it blasted through the kitchen. As the pancakes cooked, I flipped them over and grabbed a serving tray to begin setting the done ones on. Once both sides of each cake were a nice tan color, I threw them onto the tray.

By the time I had finished my first batch of 24 pancakes, my song ended and a new one began. The one that came on, however, really made me think. Think about myself, my soulmates, and their feelings towards me with how I am. It really hit home with me. 

I continued to flip pancakes, pouring new batter each time a batch was done. I was so consumed in the song and the task at hand, I had failed to notice the tears running down my freckled face. It took a strong pair of arms wrapping themselves around my waist and a head rested on top of mine to break me out of my dark thoughts. I sniffled and turned to see which of my mates had found me in the dark. Bucky... 

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