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I was sitting around the house, Thinking. I was thinking about taking a vacation, Getting away from all the drama. The chaos cause being in this house makes bad memories for me. I would move but, it got good memories too. Maya told me her and the girls going out of town too, So why not let me go and enjoy myself well at least try?


As soon as I got off my flight fans came coming Left and Right, Women!, Last thing I need right now is a woman coming into my life right now, I looked at my bodyguards and the push some of the girls back

"Sorry y'all but, I just need sometime to myself. I love y'all though." I said to them getting in my rental car, Hello Miami! I rented out a beach home for a couple weeks, My boys got a hotel room couple blocks away INCASE I need em. I texted my daughter Maliyah letting her know that I love her and that Imma have my phone turned off while I'm here, I need to meditate. I took a selfies and posted on Ig for the fans and letting em know what's going on!

No woman, No Work? What can't take my mind off of MAYA?

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