Scotland x Reader

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Here is Scotland! This was requested by, Franceypants101 I'm sorry it was a little late. I got it done Tuesday, but I didn't have the time to upload until now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


Scotland walked in the bar you work at and sat down in front of you.

"Hey Scotland. What can I get you?" You asked as you wiped down the section of the counter in front of him.

"I'll take the usual lass." He put a cigarette between his lips and lit it.

"Sure thing. Be back in a second." You threw the rag over your shoulder and got Scotland a beer with a shot of whiskey.

"Thanks lassie."

"No problem. Give me a shout out when you need something." You said and went on to another man at the far end.

You served him and started to wipe down the counter of it's spilled drinks when a man, obviously drunk, stumbled up to you.

"Hey dollface, how you doin'? Name's Allen." he slurred. (I don't know why but my mind is saying the drunk guy should be 2p!America.)

"I am fine sir. What can I do for you?" You didn't look at him and continued to look at your rag, which you sweeped from side to side on the flat surface in front of you.

"How about I take you out tonight? A pretty face like yours shouldn't be wasted." He reached out for you and you backed away.

"I am sorry sir. I am not allowed to go out with my customers." You finally looked up at him and he had a lazy grin and his eyes looked out over his sunglasses. His dark brown hair was messed up and he was missing a canine.

"Oh come on. I saw you chattin' it up with that redhead on the other end of the bar." He grabbed your wrist with a leather gloved hand tightly and pulled you closer.

"He is my room mate. Will you please let go sir?" You tried to pull away but for a drunk guy, he held on pretty tight.

"Nah. Come on babe. Loosen up and let's go out." He pulled you even closer and you could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Please let me go sir." You were starting to loose feeling in your fingertips.

"I said I don't wanna."

"Hey, if the lass said let go, you should let her go." Scotland came up right next to Allen and got in his face.

"Yeah? Whose gonna make me?" He loosened his grip slightly.

"I will." Scotland took his cigarette out of his mouth and set it on a tray.

"I would like to see you try."He let go completely and turned toward Scotland while you rubbed your wrist.

"Challenge accepted." He raised a fist and connected it with Allen's face.

He stumbled backwards and grabbed the counter to keep from falling. Holding his bleeding nose, he groaned and cursed.

"YOU SON OF A-" before Allen could finish his sentence, Scotland gave him an uppercut and he fell onto the floor.

Scotland leaned down and grabbed his shirt collar. Pulling Allen's face close to his, a grin spread on Scotland's face.

"Now, are you going to touch my lass again or are you going to high-tail it out of here?" 

Allen crawled out from under him and ran out of the bar.

"What the heck Scotland? I have never seen that side of you before..."

"I don't think anyone should treat you like that. I was trying to protect you _____. Are you okay?" He asked and picked his cigarette back up.

"Well, yeah I'm fine. And uh, thanks for protecting me. I think..." You handed him another beer with a shot of whiskey.

"Um, here. On the house." You tried to piece together exactly what just happened.

"Wait, did you call me your lass?"

He rubbed the back of his neck and looked down.

"Y-yeah, I did. I guess this is my way of sayin' I love you." He avoided your gaze.

"Good. I love you too." You smiled. Scotland looked up, shocked.

"I get off at 5:30. Let's go out to dinner tonight."

He smiled and nodded.

I'll see you then _____." He turned and started to walk away.

"Hey, wait a second."

He turned around and you hopped over the counter.

"I wanna hug from my new boyfriend. Come on, bring it in." You stood there, arms out-stretched and he chuckled.

He wrapped his arms around you and planted a kiss on your forehead. You could smell the liquor on his clothes.

"I love you Scotland."

"I love you too _____. And please, call me Allistor."

"Okay." You smiled and closed your eyes, knowing that this was the best day of your life.


How did you like it? Remember to leave some feed back and request. I do countryxreader, countryxcountry and I also do 2ps! Pirates! and so on so forth. Tomorrow I WILL TRY to upload my 1k reader special. Let's just say, it has to do with Germany, Prussia, Austria, you, and German sparkle party!

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