Chapter 20

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Maya 🌸

"Maya, Did you get your number changed yet?"

"No babe, I haven't."

"I need you to get that number changed, ASAP."

"Okay, I will. I'll call them as soon as I'm done with my hair"

"Okay, what did Maliyah say?"

"She'll leave tomorrow and August did something happened at SAMAYA's that you're not telling me?" I asked him while curling my hair

"Nothing happened, I just need you to block her or either change your number because she won't stop messing with you unless you do. Just trust me on this." he pleaded

"Okay, August! I'll block her for now and than changed my number when we get back."

"Okay" he said kissing my temple and grabbing our bags and putting it in our drivers Range Rover

Something's not right, Either August is trying to protect me and the girls from something or someone. Whatever it is, he's really scared about it. I never seen him like this before but I'm not gone question him.

"Don't tell no one where we going." he said

"oK.." I said unplugging the curling irons and stuffing them in my purse

"Ready?" I asked

"Yeah, Let me go get the girls."

I nodded and pecked his lips going out to the car..


"OMG, it's so freaking beautiful." April said

"Oh, watch that mouth" I said to her

"I didn't say the actual word" she said laughing

"But it's first cousins." I said

She chuckled and shook her head as she looked around the hotel room

"Beautiful" Autumn said

"Yes, it is" August said putting her down

"Mom, look" April said running out to the balcony

I sat my things down and went out there with her, "it's beautiful, look at the water"

"What they doing, mama?" Autumn and April asked


I wrapped my arms around Maya's waist as we looked over the balcony

"Surfing" Maya said

"Cool, can we try?" April asked

"It's not as easy as it looks, baby I'm sorry but I don't know mama has to think about it." Maya said laying her hand on the girls hand brushing they long ass hair back

"Y'all go get your bathing suits we going swimming!" Maya said

"Hell yeah" I said thinking of Maya in a bathing suit

She may gained a little wait but mama body still looking right!!


"OMG! you're August Alsina and You're Maya Amour!! Can we please get your autograph?"

"Sure" we said signing they surfboards

I couldn't believe they knew us all the way out cher'

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