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"I'm so sick of this work bullshit" he muttered to himself as he stocked copies of Elmo's potty time in the kid's section of the rental store. he checked his watch and sighed "fuck, still got 2 hours of this shit" he angrily stormed to the storage room to take a break and watch one piece until his boss found him and bitched at him. He got out his phone and turned used it as a flashlight only to notice that there was only 10% battery left "fuck me sideways" he cursed he shoved over a pile of Boxes and sat Down but noticed he sat on something. He sat up and looked at where he was sitting and noticed an n64 cartridge. he picked it up  and shined his phone on it "Zelda... I think?" He read "fuck yeah" he cheered "I lost my majoras mask cartridge years ago! Now i don't have to buy a new one!" He quickly shoved the game in his pocket and went back to stocking the shelves, excited to play his childhood game once again.

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