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Maya means so much to me. I just can not let her get hurt, SAMAYA is capable of a lot of shit, murder, she wasn't the perfect girlfriend and I had to get out. I was raised not to hit a women so I had to take the shit, I haven't told Maya about that part ButI have to keep her and the kids Safe

"Maya, you wanna take a vacation?" I asked looking up at her

"Where to?"

"Somewhere you and the kids can go with me"

"I always wanted to go where the beach is, where I could go jet skiing"

"Let's go to Hawaii, I mean the girls would enjoy it too. Maliyah could go too."

"That's sounds like fun babe."

"Yeah go pack you and the girls bag we can leave first thing in the morning."

"Okay" she said

"You're so beautiful" I said looking up at her

She smiled and looked at me and rubbed her hands up and down my arm kissing my forehead, "I love you baby"

"I love you too"

She smiled and went upstairs, I can't let her get hurt. SAMAYA won't leave us alone now that she knows our number and I have a clue she's going to try and get our address I just need some time to think on all of this before someone gets hurt.

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