Chapter 4: Rift

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The white beast gazed upon Ray with it's crimson eyes and as quick as it came it vanished. Ray stood in silence for about 20 seconds before chasing after Melia again.

Goldenwood forest
Ray See's that the once beautiful scenery was now bellowing with smoke, in front of him he sees Melia talking to a man and a woman about the explosion.

Suddenly an elderly woman wearing white covered in dust came rushing over to the group, this was the woman Ray met before Gloria.

"Please help me those ruffians stole my precious furfrou..... Wait a second that's Ray please help" Gloria recognizes and asks for help.

Before he can even answer  a group of Team Xen grunts make their way towards the cave entrance.

"Hey wait we ain't done stealing from you" the male one in the middle said smiling evilly.

"Sir it seems our Target is here as well" the female grunt alerted.

"Alright then come here woman!" The second male grunt to the left said rudely to the group.

"Oh my! You had your eyes on lil old me? I'm not as young as I used to be but it seems I've still got it! Hohohoho!" Gloria dances around and smacks her old ass making everyone present cringe.

"Ewwww why would we want a gross old lady like you! Shut up granny!" The rude grunt shouted.

"why I never!" Gloria said as she turned her head away from them.

"We're looking for for a blonde girl named Melia, we have orders to kidnap her, and if you don't comply" the male grunt leader said as he took out a purple pokeball.

'popppp!' from the ball came a truly gut turning sight, a glowing purple cat with a coin on it's forehead, veins all around it's body, it's mouth foaming, and it's red eyes filled with hate stared at them.

"Shit Medalis lied, the changes are too visible!" The grunt leader cried.

"No no that's impossible! A shadow Pokemon?!" Melia screamed at the monstrosity in front of her, everyone else we're still speechless.

"Yep it's a shadow Pokemon alright! Like team cipher's but stronger" The female grunt boasted.

"I can't stand this crap anymore! Team Xen is going down!" Ray said full of anger.

"This is definitely a time of emergency" Melia says this, drops her briefcase case and inserts certain numbers '6489'.

Smoke emerges from the briefcase revealing a transparent glove like object "Could it be? Ray catch!" Melia tosses the glove at Ray.

"Huh wowww!" As Ray tries to catch the glove, it inserts itself on his arm automatically.

"Ray listen this might sound crazy but try catching that Pokemon" Melia said with all seriousness as she looked at him.

"buhahahahhahah! No way Meowth finish them" the grunt leader ordered.

"Nyasuuuu!" The demonic creature longed at Ray however.

"I trust you Melia! Pokeball go!!!" Ray tossed the pokeball with his right hand where the glove was, and strangely enough the pokeball shot out an energy net that “snagged” the shadow Pokemon immediately.

"Impossible you snagged it!" The grunt leader cried

"I knew it was a snag machine"  (but why would dad give that to me) Melia said.

"Give it back! I raised Meowth from an egg", "yah only team Xen are allowed to steal Pokemon", "bloody hypocrite!" The Xen grunts all piled on insults towards Ray.

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