Chapter 3: Date with destiny

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Gearan train station
Ray stands next to the train station as he addresses his Pokemon.

"Pip fresh water! Woo lemonade! Leo lava cookies, and bellsprout......"
Ray says to his Pokemon but notices one is sleeping.

Piplup his water penguin starter was holding two water bottles while woobat the pig nosed bat was using it's psychic abilities to hold two bottles of lemonade mid air, while Litleo the brave lion cub held a bag of cookies in it's mouth but strange enough bellsprout the flytrap was sleeping on the ground.

'Sighhhhhhhh' Ray sighed as he collected the items and recalled his Pokemon except Piplup who he held in his arms.

"Piiiipiip lupppp!" The penguin protested but Ray didn't let go instead held it like a teddy bear and entered the train station.

To his surprise a familiar face was there, a woman with read hair wearing a red and white flame pattern dress.

"Tesla!" Ray said in surprise.

Tesla noticed him and rushed towards him inspecting his body for injuries.

"Ray how's your health? You're not suffering any wounds from yesterday right?" Tesla asked worried.

"I'm fine ma'am, as fine as I could be anyway" Ray said with mixed feelings.

"I can see that, I assure you I'm having my people look for the ship as we speak" Tesla assured Ray and he smiled a bit.

"So you're heading to goldenwood forest? With how you're packed it looks like your going on a date" Tesla teased.

"Datttteoooo? It's not like that, I'm just meeting someone there for research that's all!" Ray nervously tried to hide his reddened face.

"Haaaaaa, to be young again" Tesla smiled and remembered when she was a young girl going a date with a guy who strangely reminded her of Ray.

"Anyway I have an extra ticket for you to board the train, I also have something for this little guy" Tesla said as she pinched the cheeks of Piplup making angering(gave him a ticket and more cookies).

"Thank a lot Tesla, honestly you've done a lot for me, I'm grateful" Ray bowed his head as he left Tesla and went to meet a train conductor wearing green uniform.

"We'll meet again for sure, till then stay safe" Tesla said as she left the train station to her own destination.

Ray boards a silver train cart and within 5 minutes he reaches his destination.

Goldenwood forest
Ray steps out of cart and sees the forest the grass the leaves on the trees and all the vegetation were coloured gold.
Ray inspect the grass to see if it was actually gold but it was just grass. Even Piplup was surprised by the scenery.

"Aevium sure has some amazing places alright" Ray said as he walked north deeper into the forest.

Ray then sees the exact person he wanted to, a blonde girl with a silver briefcase staring at the sky, her white top complemented her black bike shorts.

"Oh so you made it, I was beginning to think you wouldn't come" the girl said with a pouty face.

"Sorry Melia, Ren held me up at the library" the dark skinned boy explained.

"Ren at the library huh, seems like he considers you a great rival then" Melia says with a smile, making Ray also smile.

"Alright let's get a move on!" Melia starts to move north again and Ray walks beside her.

He imagines holding her hand but quickly removes the though from his mind.

As they enter another section of the forest Ray makes a remake.
"This place is more like a park than a forest" they are numerous benches and swings around that make the place look more like a family park than a forest.

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