Chapter 19

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SAMAYA ass is about to get into some serious shit, She always ruining shit. SAMAYA was my ex girlfriend, she tried to keep me with her by telling me she was pregnant and than making up some lie talking about she was in a car accident. Talking bout a 4 wheeler ran into her? Really? I told Maya about her but she doesn't have a clue on what she looks like. I kissed Maya's temple and ran out the front door forgetting to put my damn shirt on, I leaned in the backseat and grabbed my jacket and drove off, Speeding to SAMAYA's.

"Hey Baby!" She said smiling

"SAMAYA, what the hell your issue?"

"I'm tired of you playing me August. you know I love you"

"Listen chea' what we had is in the fucking past, I have a wife, a fucking daughter and two step-daughters. I don't got time for you bullshit, I love my wife and only her."

"Come on, August...You know you still want me."

"No, I don't, What we had was in the past."

"You sure bout that?" She asked talking my jacket off

"What the hell you doing? Leave me, my wife alone. Stay out my life with all lat. " I said pushing her off grabbing my jacket out her hand and running to my car hitting my head on the steering wheel




Please tell me he isn't still fucking around with this bitch.

*Knock at door*

I went to the door and opened it and it was Trey

"Hey, Trey!" I said hugging him real tight

"Maya, You okay?" He asked me

"Uh yeah, I'm good."

"Nah what's wrong?"


*August Pulls up *

"Aprils upstairs."

"You sure you alright?" He asked me moving a string of hair out my face

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Okay, Let me go get this girl." he said kissing my forehead

I smiled and nodded and he went upstairs, Before I could close the door I seen August getting out the car, he came up to the house grabbing me and pulling me outside

"What he doing here?"

"Came to pick up April." I said , "How'd things go with Samaya."

"How'd you know it was Samaya?" He asked me

"August, I know things."

"She won't be messing with us no more, Change your number okay? I ain't letting nobody us come and ruin shit and put pressure on you, So forget about her and we both can move forward."

I smiled and pecked his lips, "Okay baby"

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