leah's imprinting

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Chapter 7

Leah's PROV

Last night was perfect !! We sat and talked about everything from the quileutte legends to vampire's. I sat up against him with my head on his shoulder and he played with my hair while we watched the waves break on the beach. It was so peace full. Until I heard Jake howling.

"Shit look I'm so sorry but Jake needs me, I hope your not mad" he just pulled me in for a last kiss and said

"Its okay Leah you have responsibilities and I don't mind, go Leah !!" I nodded and headed for the trees, not bothering to change out of my clothes, and phased.

"Jake what's happing?" He's though's was full of Bella laying dead. I shook the image out of my head.

"Shit I'm so sorry Jake!!" He just phased back human and I knew he was going to kill the baby, Seth tried to stop him but I just pulled him back and shook my head, I went to find a new set of clothes that belong to the Leeches but I didn't care and phased to put them on. Seth phased all so.

I heard Edward calling us. We phased and ran to him, they were fighting with the wolves and I saw Sam on Alice so I went and pushed him of her. Sam growled at me and I bit him on his shoulder only to feel Jared knock me of, I saw Seth fighting with Embry and I went to in front of the house so me and Seth and the Cullens formed a line in front of the house.

Jacob's PROV

I wanted to kill Renesmee so bad. I could feel the pull I have towards her. Rose was with her feeding it. Rose lifted Renesmee a little higher a perfect position to kill it but then Renesmee looked up right into my eyes and I could feel the pull but this time I wanted to obey it, like the Alphas order I had no choice but to obey it. I went on my knees and stared into her eyes and then I heard the fight outside. I ran and jumped of the porch and stood in front of Sam.

"Its over!!" Sam wanted to go past me but I stood in his way

"You kill her you kill me!!" He grabbed my hand and I phased midair, between Edward and Carlisle the stood apart to let me through, I heard Edward say

"Jacob imprinted" I growled at Sam telling him I imprinted on Renesmee, he couldn't believe it.

"Whoever a wolf imprints on can't be harmed" well he got that right it would mean a fight till the death.

"Its their most apsulute law" Edward saidm Sam looked at me then at Edward then ordered the pack to back off and he turned around and ran back. I turned around to face edward and said to him in my mind

"Well that was interesting and I know your mad but you know its something I can't control" he nodded slightly and I nodded in turn

Leah's PROV

Woah!! Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, that's huge but at least he's happy now, finally over Bella. Jacob and Sam found out that Alphas can communicate over distance so Sam couldn't be pissed about Bella being changed because Jacob speaking as rightful Alpha allowed it.

So everything's alright there and as with me and Riaan, well things couldn't be better, we are dating and he met the Cullen's and Jake is happy about us well Sam isn't to trilled but hey I really don't care. Me, Seth, Embry and Quil are now part of Jacobs pack so its all cool.

I just hope Bella doesn't rip Jakes head of because he imprinted on her baby, but who knows. I'm just glad Jakes happy. That probably just means I've got to spend more time at the Cullens because I'm Jake's beta. But at least I don't hate the Cullens. Me and Emmet grew kind off close and Alice is kind off my best friend. And that's that.


The end.. Hehe bye bye :-)

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