Strange Feelings

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That night the dreams, or what Thomas probably considered nightmares, flooded into his sleep and made for a restless night. The dreams were so vivid and realistic, it was almost like they actually...happened. They were screens, so many screens, and people in white coats surrounding him, all so serious and focused. Then all of a sudden he'd be drowning and watching others drown and screaming and pain and suffering and children struggling and boys crying and...
"NEWT!" Thomas screamed whilst he violently rose from his hammock.
"Bloody hell Greenie, you scared me to death! The boy he met yesterday said to him; the kind one.
"I was just about to wake you, I thought you were still asleep and.. hang on how did you know my name?" The boy said with a confused expression painted across his face.
"You're Newt? So you're the boy in..." Thomas paused, realising how baffled the boy, Newt, looked. He didn't want to think that Thomas was strange or about the dreams he was having so he attempted to casually reply "Yeah, erm, think I heard one of the others say it yesterday or whatever?" It wasn't his best acting, by any stretch if the imagination.
"Right.. Well anyway. Rise and shine, the work begins! First you'll be with the track-hoes and start with..." Thomas tuned out after that, as he found himself staring at Newt whilst he explained whatever he was supposed to listen to. He noticed his eyes and how sad but poetically beautiful they were under the dim light of dawn, and how they glimmed every now and again. He noticed his mouth that seemed so enticing and soft that he couldn't bare to take his eyes off of them until he noticed that Newt had stopped talking, meaning that... 'Oh no, he noticed'
"Have I got something round my mouth Greenie? Were you even listening? Come on follow me.." Newt took his arm and yanked him off his hammock and across the green path, all the while Thomas was overwhelmed by his grip and how it made him feel. So tight and firm, but reassuring and made everything in Thomas' body shiver, covering itself in a billion goosebumps.
"What's wrong with me." He whispered to himself. What was this obsession over Newt, he'd only just met him!
"Now Tommy boy, here we are. Get to work. And erm, be careful. I'm just across the field if you need me okay." It was at this point when there eyes met, just for a second, but that's all they needed. A glimmer of something between them was clear. Newt gasped, quietly and to himself, but he gasped all the same.
"Okay" Thomas muttered, still not fully awake but speechless from Newts presence, before swiftly looking away from him before he did something stupid or embarrassing.
And with that, his work in this new and some what terrifying new home began, along with his new life and new struggles.

How could he have known Newt's name. He knew for a fact that he was the last one to see him before he went to bed when he didn't yet know his name and the first to wake him up when all of a sudden he did. And how was he awake, he could have sworn that he was almost snoring when he crept over to his hammock and his eyes were shit so how could have he seen him. Unless he was sleep talking? But dreaming about Newt; it was all very bizarre. Newt however decided to put it out of his mind and focus on the rest of the day and dealing with the Greenie later. But he couldn't manage it. Throughout the day it was all he could think about, and how he stared at him that morning when he was talking to Thomas, how he looked at him like..
"Newt? You okay?" It was Alby, the leader, who had clearly noticed that Newt wasn't working and had stopped dead still for the past few minutes. Newt however, was oblivious to the fact that he had stopped.
"Yeah, just thinking over a few things." Why was he still thinking about Thomas, he had work to do and no time for pathetic thoughts. "Sorry, im working I promise. Just taking a breather. Haha." He said it so nervously that he didn't think for a second that Alby would buy it. Nethertheless, Alby just rolled his eyes and smiled slightly before continuing with his work, along with Newt who was still desperately trying to think about something else. At least for the time being.

That afternoon, Thomas was let off work and was able to go relax and then get something to eat after working for 8 hours straight. It was hard work but he knew it was necessary, as it was clear everyone needed to do their bit to sustain this place. Wherever this place was or what is was. So many questions, with no answers or explanations. But there's was one playing on loop in his mind; why do I feel this way for Newt?..

That night Thomas was on Newts mind again and keeping him awake in the hammock he'd slept I'm for nearly three years now. He had so many questions about him, more than he did for the usual monthly newbie boy who entered the Glade. And the look that Thomas gave him this morning. It made him feel..something. He didn't know what and why and how. But it was like a little spark, just crackling lightly and faintly, but a spark nevertheless. And as he closed his eyes hoping to have sleep drag him under, there was only one thing on his mind; why do I feel this way for Thomas?..


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