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Viyansh's pov

"Okay good...now cut!"atlast the scene is over. I'm glad though. Acting is my passion but sometimes it can be tiring.

After so much struggle and without my father's 'you can't do anything without my help' I am finally a star who is shining brightly on the uncountable screens in the world. Not wanted to brag about myself though but I feel proud of myself which a certain someone 'you can't do anything without my help' person don't. As if I care. Yeah right I hate to admit it but deep down I care.

I turned to walk back in my vanity when suddenly our director called me from his seat and motioned me to go over there. I went and saw him frowning, seems like he is stressed out about something.

"Do you want to discuss something?" I asked not knowing what else to say.

" Oh yeah I wanna discuss with you the next scene. Am just a bit worried if you will be able to do it properly or not" said our director Vishal.

He never ever doubted my abilities in my whole five years of acting career then what happened this time. He knew me so well and he was the first director with whom I debuted and he gave me the role for my talent not for my family background. I didn't realise that I was deep in my thoughts until a hand tapped on my right shoulder.

"Hey V look am not questioning your skills,just it's a scene with so much emotion and most of your movies are of other genres and you haven't done something so emotional before that's all". Maybe he understood what I was thinking just now that's why he reassured me. Now come to think of it he was right though I really haven't.

I wanted to try my best so I just told him "don't worry I'll do my best just relax".

After my reply he seemed a bit more relaxed so I turned around and went to my vanity. I picked my phone and saw ten missed calls from my dad.' Ahh not again' I said to myself making a frustrated sigh. Whenever there are several missed calls of my dad that means something very good is going to happen with me. Please note the sarcasm.

I called back and after two rings he picked up " where were you? Can't you hear your phone?"

"Busy" that's my one word answer, serves him right though. He never acknowledges my work as if am some trash and he and is favourite eldest son is the one who actually works.

"I don't have much time so just listen. You remember that you have to attend an event for R groups 50th anniversary which is going to be held after five days from now?" Yes I remember, how can I forget about those crappy business events in which rich people come to show off and fakes the facade of being the most honest and genuine person in the world. As if others don't know that they are faking, and unfortunately I have to attend that.

"Yup what about it?"

"So there is a change in plan and I can't attend that so you will be the one representing our family so behave."I rolled my eyes, he and his behave thing. After almost several months I guess he had given me some good news. He is not coming. Never I thought that this single sentence could lift up my mood so easily. Ah I feel fresh.

" Thanks dad" ops I said the wrong thing.."I mean yes ofcourse I will behave, but if you could come I would have been more happy but that's ok...work comes first." I said. Tolerating him for a whole event is better than tolerating those fake people. For him really work comes first. He never cared about me but his image, it hurts though but who cares about me. Yes I wanted to make him proud of me but I know deep down that's never gonna happen so I gave up.

"Ok" he said and hung up. I sighed. Atleast I have my work which can always keep me happy,keep me alive. By being an actor I mastered on faking my emotions but sometimes I just wanna express the pain, the hurt, and the hollowness in my heart. Being an actor I could express those while acting and people don't seem to notice that they are my real emotions. Acting for me expressing, an escape from reality where nobody will judge me where nobody will question me for crying, where there is no one other than me and my emotions.

That doesn't mean that I am not happy, yes ofcourse I am but something is missing in my life and I can't point out exactly what. But nothing could fill the void in my life, in my heart. And as of my dad,am used to it so I don't feel sad. And even if I feel also I can't do anything. Maybe that is what is missing. Maybe his acknowledgement and appreciation can fill the hollowness in my heart.


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