Chapter 2

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"Ooohhh, Clarice, how I miss you..." King Markson's voice trailed off in a moan. It had been a year without her...his beloved Queen. Snow had grown so much since then.

Her nursemaid had taken such good care of her. Lyn had recently had a child when the King and Queen's daughter was born. She usually worked in the kitchen. When it was called for someone to come nurse the child, she gladly obliged. They immediately moved her form the kitchen up to the great hall, where she tended her son and the Princess. She knew not to get attached to the child, but somedays, it felt just as if Snow were her own.

A sudden knock came at the Princess's door, and the King let himself in.

"Lyn, how is Snow, today? I want to see her."

Lyn pointed to the crib in the middle of the room. She had just been laid down for a nap. There she lay, a precious bundle fast asleep in the crib. She still had amazingly blonde hair.

"Hi, Princess Snow," He beamed proudly at the sight of his child. Lyn walked up to the crib, also.

"She's a perfect angel, your Majesty."

"Thank you, Lyn. I know Clarice would appreciate all you've done, just as I do." He gave a tight, yet sincere smile. She returned one, and tended to cleaning the nursery.

King Markson let his thoughts trail off.  He had sent out a decree two days ago that he was in search of another queen. He wondered just who could be a fitting mother for Snow? Snow, and his three sons, most importantly. One of them would take the crown, one day.

He heaved a sigh and turned to see Lyn busily sweeping. She was a diligent worker. That seemed very honorable to Markson. 

"I know you may have heard that I am looking for a new wife." Lyn stopped dead in her tracks.

"Y-yes, your Highness," her voice stammered.

"You have done excellent with the child, and I am In search of a new Queen. Do you know of anyone of a worthy position to raise a Princess and three potential future kings of Crestonia...?" He smiled satisfactorily. The intent in his eye, his hinting proposal was unmistakable.

"Oh," she blushed a little from embarressment. "I...I do not consider myself accomplished for such a task, though I would be honored if His Majesty suggests such. I am married, but I do know of notable women in the Kingdom who are quite refined, some even so despite their lowly position."

"Ahh, yes, I see..." King Markson was not embarressed in the slightest in asking for a woman to rule at his side. Her quick wit had caused her to answer wisely, and he admired her for that. At best, it was Lyn that was taking care of his daughter. However, he suddenly got an idea.

"...And if you ever meet or know of such a woman, will you please give me her name, soo that I could extend an invitation to her?"

Lyn breathed a breath of excitement. She was flattered the King would ask her for such a favor. "Your Majesty, if I meet such a woman who could serve as my future Queen, I will not hesitate!"

He gave her a genuine smile. "Thank you my dear. I grow lonely, most days."

Lyn's face turned to sympathy. She could only imagine the King's pain. No doubt he was desperate for someone though they could never fill the shoes of Queen Clarice. He glanced over to his sweet daughter in the crib.

"Please take care of her." He commanded as he exited the nursery hurriedly.

Selina had walked two miles, at least, passing fields of grain and wide open pastures. The dirt road suddenly turned to brick, and she knew she was getting close to home. The well was just down a ways from the house. Tired, she became lanky as she walked, her arms swinging lazily at her sides. She at last made it home, the familiarity of their crude fence lining the front yard. Just a simple, wooden fence. she unlatched the gate and it slammed as she shut it, causing the entire fence to shake.

No one's home yet?

She wondered how she could have beat her family home, but they could take a slow pace. 

"They are as slow as snails," she breathed. She carried on, going to the kitchen to find a suitable pitcher.

Trailing across their few acres, Selina hiked through the tall grass. It was a pleasant evening, really. A slight breeze, and the sound of cicada's in the mid afternoon. She took in their rhythmic hums, a sound so familiar. Summer was a good season, except for the beating sun above them. It could be so hot, the sun would scorch the ground leaving dry, brown grass. Planting crops was unbearable on these days. Around noontime, the heat could make the house absolutely stifling.

She pulled on the rope, raising a bucket of water from deep within the well. She grabbed hold of it, setting it on the ledge. She rested her arm across it, and sighed. Staring into the horizon of their field, she took in life. So much wonder, and mystery there was to life. She let's her thoughts trail off, as she considered it. The most unsettling thought gnawing in the back of her mind was the uncertainty. 

"Enough," she reprimanded herself. "I have alot to be grateful for, and really...I want for nothing."

Yet, she wanted for everything. She poured the water into the pitcher, continuing her inspirational talk. "I have a roof over my head...and Marian cares for me. She's never threatened to send me away, though I'm coming to the ripe age of 26."

She carried the pitcher back, holding it close to her body. She could feel the water sloshing back and forth as she walked. She considered the events of the day as she sauntered across the field.

"Hmm...Marian is wrong when she says we can't be anything more than commoners." Selina swung open the side door with great force, standing in the door jam. She had another willful thought.

"Perhaps, even..." she rose her chin. "I could be Queen." Her expression showed all the indignation as she considered it. 

She felt revived, as her hope was still tucked nicely away with in her heart. She laughed that her Aunt would've about fainted if she could hear her. Selina smiled and persed her lips.

"How do you like that, Auntie? I said that in your house, and you weren't even here to shush me." She said to herself before shrugging it off, shutting the door behind her.

"My King, the nanny would like to have an audience with you." Head guard Fredrich spoke.

King Markson was discussing where to move the soldiers with the Commander and General. A large map was laid out of the neighboring country, plotting where they could move that would give them the advantage against potential threats. Markson's eyes shot up, kind of surprised by this visit. It was Lyn.

"Oh, well, by all means...please, send her into the throne room. Men, if you will excused me..."

They hit their fists with their chest to salute him, and continued discussing war plans. Long furs swayed behind him as he hurried down the corridor. He wondered what she could possibly need to talk to him about. Maybe, she had found someone. He took his seat comfortably.

"Please, send her in, Frederich."

The guard opened the great doors as Lyn entered, in a modest dress, hair stringy, in a loose braid.

"Frederich..." She glanced at him before walking forward. "Don't call me a nanny."

She walked assuredly to the King's throne.

"Lyn...why have you requested this audience?" The King's voice echoed stoutly in the great hall. A small shiver went through her. She was already standing before the King...might as well do what she set out to do. There was no turning back now.

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