Chapter 10

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Maria's P.O.V

I was never a big girlie girl. Not into make up and constantly looking good but for some reason, today, I just put a hint of lipstick on. I hate mascara. It annoys me and I rub it off straight away.

I wore a white T-shirt with a checkered shirt over the top not buttoned up and my favourite gray hoodie, it has been washed. Then I put on dark blue trousers and some black slip ons.

By the time Soph was ready, she takes longer than me because she is complete oppersite... She loves make up and heels, we headed out the grand flat and headed to the massive hall way. We scanned the crowd. Wait... A crowd? We guessed that there might have happened to be JLS behind that big crowd.

"If we just push our way through that herd of elephants we should make it to the boys." I said to Soph, laughing. She laughed back as we scrambled through the fans.

We eventually got to the center where 4 handsome boys were standing, taking selfies and autographing people's books. Aston and I saw each other and walked over and surprisingly he gave me a long tight hug. "Hi Aston. How are you?" I said being polite and as we both pulled away. "Fine, great now I've seen you." I blushed and thanked him and walked over with him to the other boys.

"Hi there, you must be Maria. I've heard a lot about you." Said Marvin looking at Aston and winking. Aston just shook his head, slowly. Then looked at me and smiled. "Hi there Marvin, JB and Oristé." I said excited. I am so excited about today. I forgot about all the fans around us. To me there was just me, Soph and the boys.

Aston's P.O.V

We were waiting patiently in the entrance and this place was gigantic. Sophie's family must be quite wealthy. We weren't alone for long. As soon as we stepped into the building people came asking for selfies and autographs. I couldn't see if they were coming or not as my view was blocked by masses of fans.

Suddenly, I saw Maria. She looked gorgeous! I gazed into her dark blue eyes and pulled her into a hug, I didn't want to let go. She said "Hi Aston. How are you?" in her sweet voice. "Fine, great now I've seen you." I said, I felt like a right idiot for saying that but it was true. She looked like she had blushed but she put her head down so I couldn't see.

Marv said "Hey you must be Maria. I've heard a lot about you." and he winked at me. I was so angry at him right now and I shook my head slowly as if I was saying 'Shut up before I punch you.' She said hey to all the boys and we walked out the building into the park up the road.

We all walked around together for a bit then JB said "Hey Ast. Come here a minute." I finished my convosation with Maria and walked over to the boys. "What?" I asked annoyed. "She's cute. A deffinet keeper." Reesh said. "Marvin I told you not to tell anyone!" I started to walk towards Marvin. "Mate, come one we're your best friends. We won't tell anyone." Reesh added getting in between me and Marv.

"Ok but if you tell another soul your name will be mud!" I threatened. I was so annoyed with him right now.

Later on Marvin said "Sophie come look at this plant." What the hell was he talking about?! Marvin had never been interested in plants in the whole time I've known him. Then he gestured to Maria. I knew what he ment. I was going to talk to her alone!


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