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Shoto was thankful for the noises coming from his classroom. This told the dual haired omega that his teacher, Shōta Aizawa, wasn't in class yet.

Taking one last deep breath, Shoto pulled the door open. Silence fell over the class as they stared at the door, most likely expecting their teacher to be standing there.

Shoto felt his skin prickle at the eyes on him but he kept his stoic facial expression. Shoto gave a quiet good morning and quickly walked to his seat.

The chatting slowly resumed as Shoto sat down. The omega kept his head down, trying to hide the bruise that was forming on his cheek.

"Todoroki-Kun!" A green haired beta chirped, making his way towards the omega. Behind the greenette was a blue haired alpha and a brown haired omega.

"Happy birthday Todo-Kun!" The brunette gave the omega a wide grin and wrapped herself around the much taller blue haired alpha who's face blossomed red.

The omega mark was noticeable on Ochaco's hand as she jumped up with a smile. Izuku Midoriya also had a noticeable beta mark on his neck. The butterfly with half a wing and a wing made from flowers.

"Happy birthday Todoroki!" Tenya chopped the air in his strange way, his sleeve rolled up revealing the mark on his arm, the alpha's mark. A simple rose with a snake coiled around it.

Shoto finally looked up and smiled at his friends. "Hello everyone, thank you."

"So Todoroki-Kun, did you get your mark? What are you? Where is it? You're an alpha right? Or are you a-" Izuku's endless ranting was cut off by a smack on the arm by the brunette omega.

"Shh Deku-Kun! You're asking too many questions!" She hissed. Ochaco gave Shoto an apologetic smile.

"S-Sorry Todoroki!" The green haired beta squeaked.

"It's fine..." Shoto muttered, he felt a soft twinge of pain as he shifted in his seat.

"So, are you an alpha? I'm curious." Tenya spoke, waving his hand. Shoto started to panic slightly and without thinking he pushed out a breathless,

"Yes-" Tenya nodded at his answer and Ochaco grinned. Izuku gave the dual haired omega a strange look before nodding.

Shoto talked quietly with his friends until their teacher entered the room and class began. Shoto's attention was hazy. He didn't pay much attention to what his teacher was saying, his mind was still racing, filled with wonder.

There were many alphas in his class, meaning that they were most likely to smell his sweeter scent then the betas. Shoto's scent was a mix of both sweet and musculine. The sweet smell of caramel mixed with the strong smell of rain and freshly cut flowers wafted off the dual haired omega. Not as sweet as Ochaco who smells like bubblegum or as strong of a scent as Eijirou who smells like mint and pine.

Shoto tapped his pin against the desk and sighed. He had a gut feeling that his father was planning something and he was worried about what that something would be.

"Todoroki!" Shoto jumped at the sound of his teacher calling his name. He looked at his red eyes teacher who had been glaring daggers at him.

"Y-Yes?" Shoto muttered, feeling awkward with all the eyes on him. Shōta sighed, deactivating his quirk as he took notice of the slight panic in his student's eyes.

"Come with me please. We need to talk." The black haired beta sighed and motioned for the dual haired omega to follow. Shoto nodded and slowly stood, following the black haired male out of the room.

Shōta shut the door behind the two before leaning against the wall. "What's wrong? You look like you're about to have a panic attack."

Shoto sighed, knowing he would definitely have to tell his teacher about his secondary gender as it is important that his teacher knows for Shoto's safety.

"I just have a lot on my mind..." Shoto murmured, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Then talk kid, I'm all ears. I guess." Shōta gave his student one of his rare grins.

"Well uh, I got my mark today." Shoto whispered, suddenly becoming extremely interested in his shoes. The black haired beta cocked an eyebrow.

"I'm an omega." Shoto felt sick at the mention of his secondary gender. The teacher's eyes went wide as he stared at his student.

"Holy...you're an omega?" Shōta wanted to make sure he heard right. The omega nodded.

"I think you should go see Recovery Girl." The teacher pushed himself off the wall and opened the door.

The beta wasn't going to let the omega go on his own. "Uhm...Iida can you walk Todoroki to the infirmary?" Tenya stood up and bowed at his teacher.

"Yes sir!" Shoto sighed, glad that his teacher chose one of his friends to take him.

Tenya walked over to the omega and they headed off.

"Are you feeling okay Todoroki?" The blue haired alpha asked. Todoroki shrugged.

"My head and stomach hurts." Shoto was somewhat telling the truth. He was hurting but it wasn't so bad that he had to go to the nurse. Shoto trusted the alpha but he wasn't sure he wanted to tell him just yet.

"Oh alright." Tenya muttered, giving the omega a soft smile.


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