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1st August 2017

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1st August 2017

As I sit by the windowsill, I try to recall the discussions that happened last night at the dinner table. I feel like my whole world just shattered within a night. The rain starts pouring. Monsoon. My favorite season. I always run out of the house and into the rain on days like these. But, the urge to go and get drenched in the rain is not there anymore.

"We are moving to Paris."

That one sentence keeps ringing in my ears. I could not sleep last night at the thought of leaving my friends behind.

Will I see them again?

How am I even supposed to tell them?

How will they react?

Would they start hating me?

I pushed the last thought aside. No. They won't hate me. They are and will always be there for me no matter what. Although I'm still unsure about Abhishek. His behavior can be perplexing sometimes. I shake my head and concentrate on the raindrops falling on my window. Dad already left for Paris 2 hours ago, and the next time I'll see him would be when I'll arrive in Paris with my Mom. I don't know how I'm feeling right now.

Happy? That soon I'll be in Paris with my whole family and Dad wouldn't have to leave the house every 2 months.

Sad? That I'll have to leave my friends behind. No more dance classes. No more dancing in the rain with Aisha. No more taunting comments from Abhinav. God, I'll miss them so much!

Then suddenly a thought crosses my mind.

Will I make new friends in Paris?

How will my classmates behave with me?

What if they hate me?

I massage my temples. Ok. This is getting frustrating. Maybe I do need a walk in the rain to clear my mind. And I have to deliver this news to Aisha and Abhinav right now.

The sooner the better.

Meanwhile in Paris...


I called after the spotted heroine of Paris who had just defeated another akuma and was heading back to wherever she lived. She stopped and turned around.

"Luka? What are you doing here?"

I was currently standing there, bent forwards, with my palms resting on my knees, trying to catch my breath. I had, run all the way from Liberty to here just to catch up with her. I straightened my posture and looked into her bluebell eyes.

Could she really be Marinette?

I shook that thought out of my head for the moment to focus on my real intention for why I was running like a mad person through Paris.

"I have to tell you something... You see my family and I are going on a vacation to India after 2 weeks so... I just wanted to inform you that Viperion might not be available during that time."

"It's okay Luka. I understand and you don't have to worry about it. You can enjoy your vacation. Cat Noir and I and not to forget the other superheroes can take care of Paris while you're gone. Thanks for informing me beforehand."

"Your welcome", I said with a smile.

"Now I gotta go. Bug out!", she said, giving me a two-finger salute then continuing on her way to maybe the bakery?

I sighed dreamily.

Marinette's amazing.


Hello guys! So, this is just the beginning. There's a lot more coming next so stay in touch.

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P.S. I haven't fixed any particular day to update my story yet. Most probably it will be once a week. I have lots of projects to do. Be patient 😌. And meditate. Okay that was too much XD.




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