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I've been thinking about either rewriting this entirely with an actual plot. Because *Shane Dawson voice* Let's be reaaaaaalll doe. This was just scrambled and a mess with no real plot or storyline. I kinda just winged it because I never expected anyone to read it lmao. So I'm kind of ashamed of this writing and I just feel like I should redo it, but idk at the same time I'm kind of too lazy, so a rewrite will probs never happen.

I also have been considering doing a sequel to this, or writing a completely different Jaspar fic. 

I've been spending most of the free time I have working on a Troyler fanfiction, so I don't know if I should start a new Jaspar one in the middle of writing that one? 

 On a completely unrelated topic my kik is: imnothannahbanana message me if you want and I'm also in a Wattpad kik group where we read each other's fanfictions, give advice and thoughts on different wattpad/fanfiction/youtube things and just talk. kik me to ask to join, but it might be full. 

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