Chapter 31: Clove

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'Everyone's out to get me' I think in my head 'Everyone but a "special" few' I debate this idea in my mind until Cato's door opens. Cato looks over at me strangely and I pat the spot next to me. The bed dips as he sits next to me and I laugh.

"What did they need you for? The wedding?" I ask and he nods. "They fitted me for a dress and the man cut me. I was about to dig a knife into his throat and they got me off of him. So I came here looking for you" I say smiling. He looks slightly concerned but ends up smiling with me.

"That's nice" he says awkwardly. I nod happily. "When do you think we can get married?" he says holding my hand in his. He looks at me expectantly and I look away disturbed.

"Anytime. It's just I'll be a broken wife, and I don't want to put you through that" I say looking into his icy blue eyes. He smiles sweetly and I look away.

"We've already been through so much, I don't think marriage would change all that. I just want to know that I'm yours and you're mine" he says holding me close. I smile and nod.

"Okay so are we getting married?" I ask looking back up to him. He shrugs and starts to play with my hair. I sigh loudly and we sit up together.

"Boggs" I say as he walks in. He shakes my hand and smiles awkwardly to Cato. "Coin needed to see you, both of you". I nod and hold Cato's hand tightly as we walk to the meeting room, whatever it's called.

"Clove" Katniss says and we hug quickly. I smile "glad you're here" she says happily. I sit next to her with Cato on my left and smile.

"Clove, Cato and Katniss" Coin starts "Peeta has been progressing amazingly well so we wanted to have him join your squad when it's time. Are you okay with that?" I nod and look over to Cato who's frowning but eventually nods.

"Katniss you okay?" I ask concerned, seeing she's frozen. She eventually "unfreezes" and nods. Was she happy or scared? She looks happy now but at the time I couldn't tell.

"Also we wanted you to film a propo that we will blend with the footage at the wedding" Plutarch adds smiling pretty proudly. We all nod and Cato releases my hand to talk to Boggs, who's standing in the corner. I sit impatiently and he finally gets back. Katniss, Plutarch and Coin leave leaving me with Boggs and Cato.

"What's the matter?" I ask concerned and Cato glances over at me nervously. He looks away quickly and whispers something into Boggs ear. I look at them even more confused because Cato isn't being awkward around Boggs.

"What's going on?" I ask very loudly. They both smile and still whisper to each other. Cato finally turns to me on the spinning chair and smile happily.

"Coin says we could get married once we win against the Capitol" he says emphasizing once. I smile over-joyed and hug him tightly.

"I'm so excited. Can we invite Ceasar?" I ask quietly and nervously. He's in the Capitol but I promised to invite him. Cato looks at Boggs awkwardly and eventually nods. I squeal like a kid and jump from my chair. I hug Cato with all of the strength I can muster and he groans in pain.

"See I'm strong, like you" I whisper cockily. He rolls his eyes and leads me to the Dining Hall. I sit next to him and Peeta walks up to us in chains and followed by 2 guards. He frowns down at us and sits awkwardly next to me. I smile at him and 2 guards unlock his cuffs.

"Why so much attention?" I ask smiling. He shrugs but I know that he know's there's a reason.

"They think I'm dangerous" he says "I'm only dangerous with Katniss" he says loudly. Katniss looks over to us awkwardly from another table and quickly looks away. I smile at him and some cooks bring us some bread, cheese and meats to make our sandwiches. I put some cheese on a piece of bread and dig in. Surprisingly it's tastier than some of the "gourmet" meals here. I smile and Cato holds me tightly to his side once we're done.

"I love you" I whisper smiling like a kid. Cato kisses my head and laughs lightly when I blush. Peeta looks away sadly and see's Katniss. I see him tense up but he looks away almost as fast as he saw her.

"I miss that kind of mushy stuff" Peeta says slowly looking back at us. I look confused and he just shrugs. "The whole love stuff, holding Katniss. I want to hold her close but at the same time I can't get myself to accept the fact I still love her." I smile and feel a little part of my soul crushes into little bitty pieces. 

"I'm so sorry" I say sadly. He smiles weakly "You want to talk to her?" I ask carefully. He nods but looks unsure of himself. I walk over to Katniss and sit next to her awkwardly.

"Peeta wanted to talk to you" I say excitedly "He's kind of confused about you" I add sounding awkwardly confused. Because I am.

She nods and walks with me back to where I was sitting with Cato and Peeta. She smiles awkwardly and Peeta seems to be excited but also trying to hold in his anger.

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