Chapter 2

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After Ink and Sydney greeted each other, very thoroughly

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After Ink and Sydney greeted each other, very thoroughly. They stripped from their clothes, leaving them in just a swimsuit.

Ink and Sydney loved having this time together. They didn't really have much of that since she worked night shifts at the bar in town and he was on rides during the day.

As they were walking hand in hand down towards the lake, Ink decided it would be funny to pick Sydney up and toss her into the water.

She swam back up to the top of the water gasping, but not forgetting to give Ink a death glare. He just winked at her before hopping in himself. As soon as he came back above the water she pushed him back down.

Sydney couldn't control her laugher when she saw the face he made at her when he came back up. Ink may be a grown man but with her, he was free to act up and let loose.

"Oh, so you think it's funny, huh?" He asks with a mischievous smirk on his face. Sydney knew she was screwed. She stopped laughing instantly and started to swim further out into the lake so he wouldn't grab her.

"Oh no you don't" Ink started to swim after her. When he had finally caught her they were both breathing a little heavy. He turned her so she was facing him. Sydney instantly wrapped her legs around his torso and her arms around his neck.

Ink held her close as they floated in the water. "I'm sorry. It was payback" she does the puppy eyes and pouts her lip knowing that was his weakness.

He groaned loudly knowing he wasn't going to be able to resist that face. "You play dirty. You always use my soft spots for you to get out of trouble"

Sydney only laughs and nods her head knowingly. She ways definitely a cheeky person and very sarcastic but Ink loved that about her. Even when they had first met a few months after her eighteenth birthday she was still sarcastic and bold.

"Yeahhh but you love me" she peaks his lips softly.

"Oh you know I do, beautiful" Ink was absolutely, inevitably, undeniably in love with her. She was everything he dreamed of. Everything he ever wanted.

Sydney was sarcastic yet caring. A little hotheaded but he liked it when she was feisty, it made things very interesting in situations. She was very beautiful but she wasn't the type of person to flaunt it around. Sydney was independent and could care for herself but over the last year, she realized that he was going to buy her things even if she disagreed. He loved to spoil his girl.

When he was lost in the darkness she would always find a way to bring him back. He struggled a lot with his past but Sydney found a way to distract him every time. It was something no one else could do. Even the therapist he was going to couldn't get him to open up about it or help him find his way back to peace.  She made him happy and that was only something he felt when she was around.

When he was at the compound he was...semi-happy. He never showed his brothers how he felt. It was hard watching his Prez love on his Old lady when he couldn't even go out in public with Sydney and hold her hand.

She knew most of the brothers but they all thought they were just friends. Haisley was the only saw behind the front that put up when they were around people. As much as it scared him to know that she knew, he was always happy that someone finally saw through the bullshit.

Ink and Sydney goofed around in the water a little longer. They got out just before the sun had started to set. She always loved sunsets. Ink wasn't as amazed by them as she was but he loved to watch her face when she saw the beautiful colors that stretched along the horizon.

Sydney walked to the back of her truck and grabbed two towels for them. She tossed one to him before drying herself off. The temperature dropped fast when it was late in the day so they needed to dry off.

Ink hung the damp towel on the small broken wooden fence so that it could air dry before walking to his truck and grabbing the blankets they used for the bed of the truck so they could lay down and watch the sky.

Sydney was still trying to dry her hair when he walked back. He hopped into the back of the truck and started to lay the blankets down. Just as he went to sit down Sydney had climbed in the back with him.

"Come here, beautiful" Ink opens his arms for her and she graciously laid in them.

Sydney moves to rest on her side, placing her heart over his chest while her free arm stretched lazily over his abdomen. She loved laying with him in the quiet, only hearing nature and his heartbeat. These moments were her heaven.

"Ink. Do you have to go back tonight?" She alas sadly not wanting him to leave especially on their anniversary.

"No, baby. My Prez gave me the rest of today and most of tomorrow to myself" he soothing caresses her back with the hand of the arm she was laying on.

Sydney shot up, resting on her forearm so she could look at him. "Really? I get the night and most of tomorrow with you? Your Prez has just given me the best anniversary gift" she smiles down at him.

Ink couldn't help but smile. She was contagious. Her laugh, her smile, even the perfume she wears. He would freeze hell for her if that is what she wanted.

"Mhm hmm, and you know what I'm going do with that time?" He asks as he sits up on his forearms. Sydney shook her head no as she waited for him to tell her.

Ink smiles seductively. "I'm going make up for all of the times we needed each other" before Sydney could ask what he meant by that, he had managed to lay her flat in her back and was hovering over her.

"Well, you better get started. You've got a lot of making up to do, big guy" reaches up and wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her so both their front were touching.

Ink moved in between her legs as she pulled him closer. He needed her in every way possible. Not just making love but to be close to her in ways no one else had been. To feel connected on another level.

"I sure do" his voice had become husky and full of need as he moved down even closer and started to kiss along her jaw down to her collarbone. Sydney has to bite down on her lip to stop the moan from escaping when he kisses her weak spot.

The rest of that night they let go of all the pent up frustration and need, enjoying the pleasure they gave each other.

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